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of course they should have to have good grades because if everyone were allowed to compete in sports with a suckish grade then nobody would know discipline and no one would learn lessons- you NEED GOOD GRADES FOR/IN COLLEGE!!!


After all they are "Student-" athletes and academics comes before everything else. 90% [or more] of these young men will not go Pro. I do not care what their major might be, just as long as they complete their studies and graduate. With that said, I think ALL athletes must be able to maintain at the very least a C- average or roughly a 2.25 +/- GPA. That's not asking too much to be honest.

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I say yes, but it could be at least a B or higher!

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Q: Should students maintain a C average to play sports?
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Schools making students that play sports maintain a c average?

I'm not exactly sure the question that you are asking, but I'm going to assume it is why. Sports are a privilege not a right, school should be a top priority especially in high school. Yes you can get to University on a sports scholarship but once you are there, if you have not applied yourself in high school and don't have the knowledge you are going to struggle pretty hard in college or university.

Why should sports should not be in school?

because students need to learn.

Should middle school students have sports teams?

yes they should

Should all members of a sports team maintain good grades?

yes of course because if your average is less than a d than you cant play

Should students be required to play sports?

Yes, as if students don't exercise, they will become fat bastards!

Why should students in clubs be held to the same academic eligibility as students who play sports?

Because both are privileges.

Should students not be able to play sports due to low test scores?

no. it gives students an incentive to go above and beyond.This is an opinionated questionMy opinion is that students should not be able to play sports if their grades are low. It will give them a measure and force them to do better.

How can we write malayalam essay on sports and students?

students and sports

Should student participate in extreme sport?

students should participate in etreme sports they may like and may help with some other sports

What GPA do you need to play sports?

The average college GPA is 2.94. I am currently writing an article on High School Players GPA. I will get back to you. But it in NOT 3.3. I want to know the average GPA for college athletes in NCAA Division I schools.

Should student athletes maintain a good grade average?

Yes it is very important for student athletes to maintain a good gpa!! Exactly why the student comes first in student athlete. It means school, books, and studying always come before sports.

Should schools have sports?

yes It is a matter of opinion some people say yes like the person above and others say no. Answer Three Yes, schools should have sports because it is very essential and important for the students life . Also , students should practice sports in order to revive there body from the inside to be healthy and fit .