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they will; run a 1.1

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Q: Should student athletes be drug tested?
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Should junior and high school athletes randomly get drug tested?

Yes they should

Should all athletes be tested for drug use?

of course because its illegal

What athletes get drug tested?

Err thing mang

Do they have drug tests in the Olympics?

Yes. All Olympic athletes are drug tested.

Why should high school athletes be drug tested?

High school athletes should be drug tested because drugs will mess up your bodies and interfere with your accomplishments in sports. So in order for coaches to make sure nothing is interfering, this stop athletes from doing the wrong things and also helps you be your 100% all the time at your sport

Do professional athletes get drug tested?

According to the New York times, no, most pro athletes are not required to get drug tested. Although, while most pro athletes aren't tested for human growth hormone, it turns out that the NFL will be the first major league sports team to be required to get tested every once a year.

How did athletes get tested for taking drugs in 1970?

There were no practical mass drug tests in 1970, and little or no testing of athletes.

Are athletes drug tested in the mr Olympia contest?

Yes there tested at every conteset what ever it's size

Would drug testing of student athletes reduce drug use among teenagers?

I personal think that it wouldn't help

Does pseudoephrine show up in a drug test?

If it's one of those they are testing for, then yes. Eg. Shows up when Athletes are drug tested.

Should professional athletes take drug tests?


Should students be random drug tested?


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