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Q: Should someone with hyperthyroidism and rapid heart rate engage in badminton training?
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How long does it take to play badminton?

The amount of time it takes for a person to properly learn the basics of badminton is dependant on their ability to learn new things but with proper training/practice, a person should be able to be able to play a simple game of badminton in about a day or two

Components of badminton?

· Speed --- movements around the badminton court are of very short distance, so movement speed training should focus of reaction time, acceleration and agility (change of direction). There are drills to increase foot speed, such as quick feet ladder drills. Training should also focus on strength and power development.· Strength --- resistance training exercises should focus on those areas which are actively involved in playing badminton, such as the wrist, elbows, shoulders, neck, chest, abdomen, back, thighs, knees and ankles.· Flexibility --- The badminton player uses their flexibility to reach, dive and turn to cover all parts of the court. Flexibility is something that can be improved with regular stretching. The badminton player should stretch before each activity (training and competition), plus other stretches, such as pnf and active stretches, to increase the flexibility of specific muscle groups.· Endurance --- Endurance is a very important component of fitness for badminton. Badminton players cover a lot of ground during a match with little rest. Not only is aerobic fitness important for court play, but you need to be fit for long technical training sessions and to recover well between games during extended tournament play

Food not to eat in hyperthyroidism?

Because hyperthyroidism can cause potassium deficiency, patients they should not eat licorice.

How should you avoid losing weight if you have hyperthyroidism?

HypERthyroidism that is being appropriately treated will not cause further weight loss.

What are some symptoms of Hyperthyroidism?

Fatigue, weight gain, depression, sensitivity to cold, constipation and dry skin are all symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is a serious medical condition, and should be treated as such.

Can a nine year old babysit siblings?

Babysitting should be done by someone with authority, training, and cpr training.

Do you attend a formal first aid course before you can give first aid to a stranger?

You should have some first aid training before helping someone, but then again, you can still help someone of you don't have training. You just have to be careful not to try to do anything drastic. Give them some very simple help until someone who can do more for them comes along. Get yourself some first aid training if you can.

Why should you not take phentermine when you have hyperthyroidism?

Phentermine is a stimulant commonly used for weight loss. Hyperthyroidism is when the thyroid is working a little to hard and may cause weightloss. The combination of hyperthyroidism with phentermine is like a recipe for anorexia without having to miss meals.

What should you do if you are a vegetarian who has hyperthyroidism?

Click on the link below, under 'Related links'.

What should i do to improve your badminton skill?


What is the height of badminton hall?

the height of the hall of badminton court should be max 39 feet and min 29 feet

Can you play badminton after two years after angioplasty?

It should be safe to play badminton after that period. Asking your doctor would be a good idea.

Why should you avoid antibiotics with hyperthyroidism?

Antibiotics are not helpful in some cases of hyperthyroidism because they kill good bacteria as well as harmful bacteria. This may hurt your overall health whenever you are trying to manage this disorder.

What should a badminton player wear?

shorts and a jursey

Should badminton player play tennis?

No. Even though Badminton and Tennis have similar components, they require completely different strengths and tactics.

What is the total width of the badminton net?

The width of the badminton net should be the same or greater than the court width: 6.1m (20 feet).

List the characteristics of a good leader in badminton?

One of the characteristics of a good leader in badminton should have is patience. A good leader should also have an excellent understanding of the game, and good communication skills.

What is the height of lower border of badminton net from the ground?

A badminton court should be 6.1m wide by 13.4m long (20′ by 44′). A badminton court’s lines are typically 38mm thick (1.5â€). The net should be 1.55m (5’1) high at the poles, but it should be lower in the middle – 1.52m (5′).

Where is the Vermont badminton association located?

The Vermont Badminton is locates in Essex Jct, VT. I have yet to know the exact address. Although if you look at the website NE badminton, Where to Play, you should be bale to find it. Hope this helps.

What should you do to improve your badminton skills?

join a badminton club take lessons from a professional teacher practice more

What should be the height of badminton net?

150cms 5 ft

Where can one train for business continuity plannings?

Someone interested in training for business continuity plannings can start by checking into places such as Sentryx which should be able to cater to all your training needs.

When should cholinergic drugs be used with caution?

They should be used with caution in patients with asthma, epilepsy, slow heart beat, hyperthyroidism, or gastric ulcers.

How old is badminton?

um how should i know? go to another site! =]

Why you should have badminton in the school?

It is a lifetime sport and fun game to play.