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Yes, they should.

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Q: Should sixth grader be able to play sports?
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How many push-ups should an average sixth grader be able to do?

bout 300. give or take

Should sixth graders be able to play sports and why?

It depends if you're talking about a school team, or even a sports club team.

Should girls an boy be able to play on the same team essay answer in five paragraph for a sixth grader?

I can't help you with essay. It would be better to consult with your teacher.

Should sixth kids be able to sports for there school?

I think that that is a good idea and 6th grade kids should play sports every day to keep them healthy i almost think that is a stupid question to ask ( no offence) THank you b.mugs

Would a sixth grader be able to give assistance to a young child learning to spell?

Yes! I did when i was in 6th grade helping my younger cousins.

How many words should a eight grader be able to read per minute?

In one minute he or she should be able to read 12 or 15 words.

Should handicapped people be able to play sports?

Of course they should, why not?

How many goals in a row should a fourth grader at least be able shoot in basketball?

A fourth grader should atleast be able to make a least 4 depending on their skills n love for the sport if they love the sport enough they will do anything to improve their skills so the most should be four

Should 6th graders be able to play sports?


How many words should a fifth grader be able to read per minute?

about 120-150 or above

Should kids with asthma be able to play sports?

Yes i know plenty of kids who play sports with

Should girls in middle school be aloud to wear sports bras during soccer?

Yes they should be able to. They should be able to feel comfortable, and if wearinf a sports bra gives them support than so be it.

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