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It's certainly arguable that schools shouldn't offer sports at all and should instead focus on academics.

That said, intramural sports (those where teams from different schools compete) do have some beneficial aspects. But at a sixth grade level, exactly which sports they are should be carefully thought out, since people at that age range are not yet fully developed physically, and it's vital to not overtax the developing body in such a way that would damage it.

If the choice is between "no sports at all" and "all the sports played at the high school level", then the former is definitely the better choice.

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A lot of 6th graders play sports I'm pretty sure. At least like all of the boys.

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I agree, of course they should be allowed to play sports. Why not? It gives kids good physical exercise, and sports lets kids be with their friends while having fun at the same time.

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football, Baseball, Basketball, or soccer

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Q: Should schools offer six grade sports?
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