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Q: Should players in A grade teams have to train to play?
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How can you join man city feaders team?

Feeder teams are teams that will train young players and the best players go to the team they are "feeding". So if you want to join one of man city's feeder teams you half to make one of these teams: KV Mechelen NEC Nijmegen Sporting Lisbon Strømsgodset

How many players are in a judo team?

Judo teams are just people you train with, there is no set number. You can be a team of one or 100, it does not matter.

How do players make it to the NFL?

By entering the draft and a team choosing them. Usually all football players go to college and play football there. You declare eligibility for the NFL draft and train, visit teams, and train some more. It's really hard work, but when you are drafted you feel very accomplished.

What are the things soccer players should do from monday to Sunday?

Train, eat healthy, get good rest, stretch, etc.

How do cricket players train?

By their coach.

Should footballers drink?

In an environment where players are top athletes and train to be at the top of their game drinking alcohol is frowned upon by the purists who see drink as diminishing the players capability

Who helps footy players train?

their coach

How do football players train for football?

Get in shape.

Hours per week that epl players train?

The English Premiere League (EPL) has some of the best football players in the world. These players train at least 12 hours a week if not more.

How does a maglev train operate?

Electromagnets in both the tracks and the train. (Answered in fifth grade terms)

How do you become a soccer champion?

Play on a couple different teams and practice alot. Join training clubs. And make sure you tryout for good teams. U shouldn't play inhouse after your about 10. And don't play on the crappy travel teams after 11 that only cost like 100 dollars cause they don't have good coaches or skilled players. U should play on the 1000 dollar teams cause the coaches are awesome and so r the players. I am 17 years old and I am a junior and i play on the Varsity team at my highschool. I also play on a cup team and train at the speed and strength academy for extra practice and training. Follow these tips to become a champion.

Are rock crabs good to train on in runescape?

They are moderately good to train on for lower level players, yes.