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yes i go to middle school there are like 10 times more

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Q: Should more extracurricular activities be offered in Middle school?
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Should grades be a qualification for participating in extracurricular activities?


Should more extra-curricular activities be offered in Middle School?

IT depends on the school, the school that I go to has next to no extra-curricular activities

Why does extracurricular activities is not helpful to student?

Extracurricular activities are important for the following reasons. 1.Explore new interests 2.Fun and enjoyment 3.Learn to socialize 4.Gain leadership ability 5.Gaining scholarships Apex Academy Preschool North Richland Hills, TX

Should you list extracurricular activities on a resume?

Yes.. It will add more value to your resume if you mention about the extracurricular activities. This should be included towards the end of the resume as you will be covering your area of expertise in the first few pages. This will make a difference while you apply for a job

Should students not be kicked out of extracurricular activities because of their grades?

i think grades should determine whether or not you get into extracurricular activities. It won't be fair for people who tried their hardest to get good grades because if you didn't try then why add something extra. if you tried your hardest then you should be the one getting more opportunities.

Should students be not be required to take PE if they have active extracurricular activities?

they should not be required if their extraclicular activity is a sport. but besides that they should be made to do pe

Extra curicular activities should you put on a job application?

You should list any extracurricular activities that you think will make you look good. You want to let the employer know how involved you were while in school.

Should extracurricular sports be mandatory?

No, this is America

Should an adolescent who participates in over 12 hours a week of extracurricular activities be expected to help with housework?

Absolutely! If you live in the house, shouldn't you be responsible for keeping it clean? Don't you eat? If you do, you should help with cooking, dishes, taking out the garbage or whatever else might be involved. Do you wear cloths? If you do you should help with the laundry, ironing and whatever else is involved. Just because you're involved with extracurricular activities doesn't mean that you get to go home and have maid service. If one of my children suggested that they couldn't participate in housework because of their extracurricular activities, I'd have laughed at them and maybe given them MORE to do around the house.

In Ohio are you required to take your child to extracurricular activities set up by your former spouse if you have shared parenting?

You need to review your shared parenting plan that was approved by the court. This issue should be addressed in that plan.If you want to share parenting then you should also share extracurricular activities as long as they are reasonable. They are extremely important to children and the custodial parent shouldn't have all the responsibility associated with them. Besides, you wouldn't want your child to miss out and fall behind because you, the other parent, didn't want to take the time to participate. You need to ask yourself this question: Should my child have to give up extracurricular activities because of my divorce?

What should I tell the scholarship committee about me?

All of your good qualities. Describe any community service or extracurricular activities in vivid detail. Use brilliant introductions and insightful conclusions.

How do you get accepted to Bergen Academies?

You must have at least an A-minus average in all subjects for 7th and 8th Grades, you should be in some extracurricular activities, and you need to be very (very!) smart. Good luck.

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