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They should fit you however you like them too.

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Q: Should lacrosse kleets be tight or loose?
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For powersliding should you have your trucks tight or loose?

u want them more tight than loose

Should the back girth of a cowboy saddle be tight or loose?

It shouldn't be too loose and it shouldn't too tight. It should be loose enough for you to just slide your fingers between, and it should be tight enough for the saddle to stay secure.

Should a serpentine belt be loose or tight on a 1994 camaro?

it should be pretty tight, but no so tight that it stretches it

When you tie up a horse should tie him loose?

Tie him tight, but not so tight that if you needed to get him loose you couldn't.

When you tie your horse to a post should you do a tight knot or a loose one?

a loose not but not too loose.

What is the opposite of tight?

loose, or open "that jar isn't tight enough, its loose." or "he had a tight grip, but her hand had a loose grip."

How tight should the right size condom fit?

pretty much not to loose not to tight just snug

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Bracelets should not be too tight or too loose. If a bracelet is too tight, it could become uncomfortable and could be difficult to take on and off. If a bracelet is too loose, it may slide off your wrist.

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they should fit really tight, trust me i have been a gymnast for 13 years and almost got accepted into the olympics

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There are many slang terms for sexual innuendos. A person being tight or loose refers to the idea that a woman's vagina can be tight or loose.

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loose when its around your finger but tight when you pull it :)