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Lacrosse. If you are looking for a contact sport that won't give you a concussion, lacrosse is for you

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Q: Should iplay lacrosse or softball
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What are the sports taken out of the Olympics?

Softball and Lacrosse

Which is better softball or lacrosse?

Well it totally opinated but softball is probally safer then most lacrosse teams. But they are totally 2 completely different sports so the comparison isn't very fair. But my opinion would be lacrosse because there is more action and I play lacrosse not softball. I agree this is an opionionated answer but i like lacrosse because it is more fun (to me) to play but it is quite dangourous. 3 weeks ago i broke my arm playing lacrosse and i was out for the rest of the season.

Is Lacrosse Better than Softball?

uhm lacrosse obviously because it is a game that takes skill and muscle. But so does softball. you have to use more power to make the ball move.

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What are the Defferent types of sports?

hockey, baseball, lacrosse, softball, cricket.

What sport has a A?

Many sports use a ball. Several include football, soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, golf, field hockey, polo, water polo, volleyball, rugby, netball, dodgeball, bowling, softball and racquetball.

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What sports can you play in the spring?

Track, Softball, Soccer, Baseball and I think lacrosse.

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Yes,I can

What is the names of the outdoor sport activity?

soccer baseball football vollyball softball lacrosse track

Is softball a popular sport in th US?

Yes and no. it is not as near as popular as soccer, but more popular than lacrosse. almost every school has softball as a sport.

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