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Q: Should individuals and groups in Canada embrace a unified national identity?
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What is the definition of a unf thread size?

Unified National Fine as opposed to UNC - Unified National Course

When was Unified Lithuanian National Workers Movement created?

Unified Lithuanian National Workers Movement was created in 2007.

Development of a unified political identity in Africa is the purpose of what?

shnit blitches oh just to tell you I live in L.A. and my name zackory.

Are The French people are unified in having French as the national language?

en général, oui

What does UNC mean?

University of North Carolina Unified National Coarse (Thread forming)

Screw thread lead for .75-10 unified national course?

A .75-10 Unified National Coarse thread (3/4-10 UNC) has 10 threads per inch. The lead would be 1/10 of an inch.

Can the English language be the only means of creating a unified African identity?

No, I don't believe English alone can ever do that. There are far too many distinct cultures and far too many languages across that great continent to imagine that English, not even spoken by all Africans, could somehow create a unified identity. You would have to engage in some kind of program suggesting to people that English, and not their native tongues, is the language that they should speak (or worse, be forced to speak). Even having English as a second language across the continent will certainly not 'create' a unified identity. Culture is far too strong.

Why were the states unwilling to voluntarily work together in a confederation?

Each state saw its self as a individual place and wanted to keep that identity instead of creating a unified nation.

What is a a unified command command?

In the Incident Command System, a Unified Command is an authority structure in which the role of incident commander is shared by two or more individuals, each already having authority in a different responding agency. Unified command is one way to carry out command in which responding agencies and/or jurisdictions with responsibility for the incident share incident management.

Why was immigration which had existed for many generations seen as such a great threat to american identity?

Immigration was seen as a great threat to American society because it meant that America didn't have a solid identity. This means that America was less of a unified country and more of a standing ground.

How did romanticism influence nationalism?

Romanticism created a cultural explosion in the 18th century that lead to a rejection of aristocrats and an embrace of the arts. This lead to a sense of cultural pride, which strongly encourages a sense of a unified nation and a building of Nationalism.

The union's establishment of the national banking system?

Was the first significant step toward a unified banking network since 1836.