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I say Basketball because u can get hurt by play football. But if your better at football then u should play what u want.

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Q: Should i play basketball or football?
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What sports should 6th graders play?

football, baseball, basketball, or soccer

Football or basketball?

Depends on whether you like football or basketball. I personally like basketball but I still like to play football.

Does Hank kendra play football or basketball?


Do girls play basketball in Togo?

Usually, Girls play Football instead of playing basketball in Togo.The have a passion for Football.

What sports did nate Robinson play in college?

football baseball basketball track

Did Jimmy play football on Degrassi?

jimmy did not play football on degrassi. he played basketball.

How do you play guard position?

In Football or in Basketball??

What sports can you play at Harvard?

Football or Basketball

Does a south African play basketball?

no they play soccer(Football)

Why do UFC fighters have to fight?

Football players play football, basketball players play basketball, fighters fight.... quite simply it's their choice.

Do you play lacrosse?

I don't but my friend Steve does I play basketball and football

Did Charles Barkley play football?

he was a basketball player

What sports does Christian beadles play?

Basketball and football

What sports do Ohio play?

football baseball basketball

Did OJ Simpson play basketball?

OJ Simpson may have played basketball, but not professionally. He did play professional football.

What types of sports do people from Venezuela play?

they play football, basketball and rugy

Does the Playstation 2 have good basketball gamesWhat about Football?

The PlayStation 2 can play NBA 2k, which is the gold standard in basketball. For football, you can also play Madden 10.

What sports does he play in school?

Who is "he?" "He" could play basketball, football, soccer, or other sport that the school or organization. Who is "he?" "He" could play basketball, football, soccer, or any other sport that the school or organization.

Should you play volleyball or basketball?

Basketball Definitly

What sports did martin Luther king play?

Football and basketball!

What sports do they play In Boston?

Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Tennis.

Did Barack Obama play football?

Nope , he played basketball

What sports did Peyton Manning play?

Baseball Basketball and football

What did kids play in Bulgaria?

Football, Handball, Volleball, Basketball

Does Egypt play sports?

they do play sports...they play soccer which is call football. They also play basketball.