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No matter how old you are you should be able to play football if youre a girl because a girl can do anything a boy can do and because football is just simple genetics and if the girl really think there tuff then they can handle it and no they shouldint have all boy teams then all girl teams. They should let boys and girls play on the same teams and not split up and honestly i think football should make girls tougher.

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โˆ™ 2011-06-20 19:45:20
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Q: Should girls play football
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Could girls play football?

Girls do play football.

Should girls be able to play football?

they already can

Should girls play football with guys?

Not realy.

What percentage of girls play football?

75 :/: of girls actually play football did you know that

Why shouldn't girls play football?

They should! It is a uni-sex sport!

Should women be allowed to play on mens sports teams?

Yes, because it is a free country. Like boys play football girls might want to play football. If girls want to play baseball, hockey, etc.

Why should we let girls play football?

I think girls should play it gives them the right to do what guys can do too also girls are required to follow there dreams to right not just guys I think if a girl wants to play she should reach for the stars!!!!! ************************************************ Just to add: There are no physical or physiological reasons why females should not play football. In the UK, we have women football teams (known as soccer in America, I believe) and women's football league competitions - all growing in popularity.

Can girls play football in school?

they could if there's girls' football. they could also play with guys' football, but guys tend to play a little rough..

Why girls should not play football?

i don't have any daughters, but i do have a lot of sons, and they have a few girls who play football on their teams. I think girls should play. They are often important to the team, and are good at non-tackling, non-blocking positions. Your daughter should play if she wants too, it's a good way to meet some new people, and get some exercise.

You feel girls shoud play football?

Yeah why not boys dance so why shouldn't girls play football :)

Why girls should not play wrestling and football?

because someone could grab your boobs and say they are play the game.

Should girls play football with boys?

if it's only for play but as far as on a school team or professional then of course not

Do girls play basketball in Togo?

Usually, Girls play Football instead of playing basketball in Togo.The have a passion for Football.

What should girls do for sport?

Whatever they want to do. Girls don´t have to make girly Sports only, if someone likes to Play Football she should Play and don´t listen to People who tell her she shouldn´t Play Football because that´s not girly enough.

Who many people play football in England?

Thousands of people play football, from all ages. Even girls play football.

Where can girls play football?

LFL[Lingerie Football Leauge]

Why can't Girls play sport with boys?

I think girls should be able to play sports with boys beause what if girls really like football and no one would let them play so that wouldn't be fare.Because boys are stronger than girls, and it is dangerous. it's dangerous because if you're playing football, girls can get seireously injured.

Do girls play football?

of course!

Can girls play professional football?


Can a girl play soccer too?

Yes! Girls can play just about any sports guys can play. (Football is a little different- there are no professional girls football teams).

Girls can do anything boys do?

yes girls can do things boys boys can do..... like for example, some boys play football. some girls play football and other sports do.

Why isn't football a girls sport?

Actually girls are aloud to play football but they choose not to because injuries in the breast and because most coaches think girls cant play... So because of those main facts, that is why football is not a girls sport

Should girls play on boys sports teams?

it is not should girls can play but they can play

Should girls play high school football?

yes absolutly, if they have the desire, heart and soul. go for it. :)

Can girls play on there school's team?

YES because some girls want to play there is no rule about girls playing football