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No. After the obivious, the rest is optional, and you can add more, arm pads neck roll so you do jam your neck ect.

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Q: Should football players wear more protection gear?
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When are the players of the football players on the team?

When they give you a jersey, and a helment, or basically the gear. When they are on the roster.

Do ex pro football players get to keep their gear?


What protection gear do netball players wear?

knee pads elbow pads

Why do you need football helmets?

You need the football helmet mainly for protection ,especially concussions. Way back in the good ol' days, players wore helmets made from leather and without face mask , nowadays players have something to hold on to, of course illegally. The football helmet is also used for the uniform and team identification. The rough and tumble British sport "Rugby",players wear no protection gear at all.

What is fannie pack type gear on college football players?

hand muffs to keep them warm.

How safe is the gear that the Chicago Bears wear?

The gear that the Chicago Bears are very safe. They are very protective and specially made so that the players get the most protection for lightest wear.

Why participants are at risk when playing football?

players have gear that only serves as a weapon. it increases the level of force when running into someone!

Why do football players wear gear?

To make injuries less likely to happen, although they can still happen quite easily.

What protection gear do baseball players wear?

baseball players where cups as well as helmets whil they hit and catchers wear shin guards a chest cover up and a face mask

What safety gear should you have when shooting a handgun?

Shooting glasses and hearing protection are the most important.

Should you wear softball pants with sliding gear?

It depends if you are sliding a lot but you should because it gives more protection.

What is the average weight of pro football players protective gear including helmet pads shoes etc?

between 10 and 15 pounds

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