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definatly not

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Q: Should a coach keep an athlete at the High School level from playing soccer and running cross country?
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Why Sally Pearson choose to be a athlete?

Sally Pearson choose to be an athlete because when she was in Primary School she did a lot of athletics and she has always had a natural talent for running.

How did Mickey Mantle do in high school school?

Mickey Mantle was an all-around athlete at Commerce High School, playing basketball, football, and baseball. he also had straight a's

What are the odds of playing pro baseball?

e odds of a high school athlete's becoming a pro football, Baseball, or Basketball player are 837 to 1.

What other sports did Jackie do?

Jackie Robinson was an all around athlete while in school, playing basketball, football, baseball, and track.

How many kilometers a athlete run in a cross country run?

depends, if you are high school its 3 miles, college it ranges from 5k to 10k

Who is the best player for US Track and Field?

C.J. Westfall is a high school sophomore in Florida and is regarded as the best upcoming athlete in the country.

What are the odds of a high school athlete being a pro athlete?

1 in 50,000

What is the running distance for high school cross country?

5,000 meters (3.1 miles)

How does Cross-country running helps school grades?

it gets your blood flowing and mind working. When you study and try hard in school while running between breaks, you can contemplate on the subject and retain the information longer.

Do they have cross country running for homeschoolers in rockwall?

I know a kid who is home schooled but after school he goes to the nearest school just to play sports.

Is Barack Obama a good athlete?

Barack Obama was a good athlete in high school, where he excelled at basketball. But he never decided to become a pro, although he still loves the game. In fact, to this day, he still enjoys playing a pick-up game with friends. He has also taken up playing golf. But while he finds playing sports relaxing, it is unlikely that he would be considered at the level of a professional in either basketball or golf.

What school did athlete Shelly-Ann Fraser go to?

wolmer'shigh school

Is cross-country running a nerd sport?

Hell no... I ran in high school and was popular and the homecoming king.

What subjects are needed in school to be an athlete?


Can you get a professional athlete to talk to your school?


Was Michael Jackson an athlete in high school?


What is a prospective athlete form?

athletic programs at universities will have a prospective athlete forms for high school athletes to fill out if they are interested in the program at that school. most can be found on the athletics website.

What is Terry Fox's childhood?

He was an enthusiastic athlete, playing soccer, rugby and baseball as a child.[5] His passion was for basketball and though he stood only five feet tall and was a poor player at the time, Fox sought to make his school team in grade eight. His physical education teacher and basketball coach at Mary Hill Junior High School felt he was better suited to be a distance runner and encouraged him to take up the sport. Fox had no desire for cross-country running, but took it up because he respected and wanted to please his coach.[6] He was determined to continue playing basketball, even if he was the last substitute on the team. Fox played only one minute in his grade eight season but dedicated his summers to improving his play. He became a regular player in grade nine and earned a starting position in grade ten.[7] In grade 12, he won his high school's athlete of the year award jointly with his best friend Doug Alward.[2]

What is is the minimum GPA for a athlete in graduate school?


Can a high school athlete finish a season when caught with marijuana?

Are You Serious.

Is bishops high school Tobago the best school in Tobago?

bishops high school is a great school but there are many other great schools like signal hill secondary and scarborough secondary my daughter goes to signal hill sec she discovered her talent in running and now she is a great athlete its a great sports school i strongly recommend it signal hill secondary is the best not bishops.

Was Sarah Palin the captain of her high school basketball team?

Yes a co-captain, she took them to the state championship. Governor Palin picked up the nickname "Sarah Barracuda" for her aggressive playing style, Palin was also on the cross country running team.

Who started cross country running?

Cross country originated from the Crick Run held every year since 1837 at Rugby School in Englands. In the early 19th century

What were some of Tom Sawyer's hobbies?

Playing Robin Hood, running around barefoot, skipping school, fishing, swimming, general mischief

What was Dr Charles Drew good at in school?

He was a good athlete.