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Since it is hard to photocopy blue, blue is a better color to prove authenticity In the case of a Baseball Blue ball point pen has proven to hold up better over time, and would be most preferred over sharpie which tends to fade quicker. A sharpie signed baseball will also tend to "bleed" into the baseball as well. An educated collector will pay less for a sharpie signed baseball, if at all. Sharpie would be most preferred on a bat, or Photo. As far as Blue ball point over Black. I can't tell you why but this is what the "experts" recommend. My guess would be different chemicals are used to make different colored ink, and the blue holds up better. If you notice all top companies that do mass private signings like upper deck, Steiner Sports, Iron Clad Authentic etc. All use Blue ball point pens on baseballs (not Black) there must be something to it.

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Q: Should a blue or black ballpoint pen be used to get baseballs autographed and what is the difference?
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What should you use to autograph baseballs?

Most people think permanent marker, but the best is actually blue ballpoint pen.

Are all of the autographed baseballs on amazon real?

Most if not all autographed baseballs sold on amazon are through private dealers, selling on Amazon. Regardless where you buy an autograph it should be accompanied by the proper authentication. Authenticators that use matching holograms like PSA/DNA, Stiener Sports or Mounted Memories are most trusted among collectors. Even if you buy an authentic autograph that is not properly authenticated you will have a hard time selling it without it or get below market value.

What brand and point size ballpoint pen is recommended for autographs on new baseballs?

Ironically, the cheapest ballpoint pens typically work the best -- I've had the best luck with the disposable plastic Papermate blue ballpoint pens. Blue is preferable to black. Sharpie Should not be used on a baseball. In the case of a baseball a Blue ballpoint pen would be most preferred, and recommended over a sharpie. Sharpie is not used for signing baseballs because of the porous properties of the baseball will absorb the ink and the signature will tend to bleed into the cover of the ball. Blue ballpoint ink has proven to hold up better over time against fading than other colored inks as well. Sharpie would be most preferred on a bat or photo for example, where the signature will stand out more. When having a photo signed in sharpie be sure to allow the ink to fully dry before handling, and placing it in a protective plastic. If the ink is not completely dry the ink will smear. If the sharpie signed photograph is kept in a plastic protector, keep in mind that if the conditions are not right the signature could sweet onto the plastic.Keep the signed baseball in a ball cube or case with at least 50% UV protection if you plan on displaying it. The Ideal conditions for display would be indirect lighting, at a room temperature of 65 - 70 degrees, and 50% humidity. Always check your signatures periodically for signs of fading or deterioration, and avoid excessive handling.For more information on signed baseballs read my newsletter "How Much Is My Autographed Baseball?"

Is there such a thing as a ballpoint python?

Nope. You should invent one!

What is the value of a baseball signed by 25 Hall of Fame players?

Baseballs that have a theme as opposed to randomly signed signatures will appeal to more collectors, and will be worth more. HOF fame baseballs are a good theme but I cannot help you with a value without knowing the names. Find similar baseballs that have sold at auction and you should have an idea of the value. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. Fore more information on signed baseballs visit the link below. "How Much Is My Autographed baseball?"

Where should you get a jersey autographed?

Steiner Sports

Where to get Michael Jackson autographed items?

You should check out a cool site WWW.AUTOGRAPHSSINGED.COM they have awesome Michael Jackson Autographed Items

Does ink pen smudge or ballpoint pen smudge?

It depends on the type of pen or ballpoint pen you use. If you are outlining a drawing, you should wait for the pen lines to dry before erasing away the pencil lines.

Where can you sell a Derek Jeter autographed baseball in New York City?

On-Line AuctionsTo get top dollar for the autographed baseball you would have to sell it to a collector and not a dealer. A dealer will only give you about half the market value, more or less depending on how long the dealer feels it will take to resell. Your best option rather than selling the baseball locally to a dealer in New York, would be to sell it through the Internet. There is a large community of collectors on eBay looking to buy autographed baseballs. The signature should be authenticated to get top dollar.

What Kind of baseball bat should I get autographed?

A wood one.

Where can you buy movie props?

You should check out WWW.EVERYMEMORABILIA.COM they have Autographed Memorabilia!!!

What happens when an umpire runs out of baseballs?

If the umpire really ran out of baseballs, the game would have to be stopped until a baseball could be found. If he runs out of new baseballs, he would have to use the best ones that could be found. He should inform the managers of the situation and get them to agree to use older balls until new ones could be obtained.

How do you price an autographed basketball?

It depends who has autographed it. You want to ask yourself how big the player is or are they even big like if it is James Lebron then it should at least go for about 250-350 dollars

How do you erase dirt of an autographed baseball?

Dirty Autographed BaseballDo not try to clean or restore an autographed baseball. You will most likely do more harm to it. Restoration to any collectible should be left to the expert that has experience with that type of work, and to this day I have never heard of anyone that restores baseballs or signatures. Sharpie is not used for signing baseballs because of the porous properties of the baseball will absorb the ink and it will tend to bleed. The same thing will happen if you try to clean it. The dirt might lighten, but will spread to a larger area of the ball. What ever you use to remove the dirt will have no problem removing the signatures as well. If any liquid comes in contact with the signatures, your baseball will look like a wet piece of mail.The Ideal conditions for display would be indirect lighting, at a room temperature of 65 - 70 degrees, and 50% humidity. Always check your signatures periodically for signs of fading or deterioration, and avoid excessive handling.

What is the value of an autographed Muhammad Ali boxing glove?

You should get 600 to 800 pounds for them.

Should you inflate a autographed football that has lost some air?

Autographed footballs and basketballscan be kept in good condition if you place them under a square acrylic cover, or a display case with glass doors, and display them away from direct sunlight in a temperature controlled room. Make sure you keep the football/basketball inflated, it may lose air over the years. Baseballs can be kept in their little plastic round holders on their little wooden bases, under the same conditions as the footballs. You may choose to replace the holders every 5-10 years due to discolorization or wear, etc.

Should a autographed baseball be coated with some kind of shellac?

No ShellacNo. It will hurt the value of the signature. Years ago it was a common practice to shellac the baseball to protect the signatures. This practice stopped when it was realized that the balls would turn yellow, crack, and peal off. With some of the earliest signed baseballs, the value is not hurt as much as with newer balls because the autographs are more rare, and it was common.

Where are Adidas baseballs manufactured?

this should be an improvement to the last answer. at an Adidas factory. which i believe is at least in the USA

How much should one ask for a Johnny Bower autographed goalie stick?

You should ask as many times you think is polite.

What would happen if the spotting line and positions were marked on the plate with a ballpoint pen?

The ink in the pen may also dissolve and contaminate your results. Pencil should be used.

What is the value of a jerry garcia autographed tie?

unsigned are worth about 500 so you should get it appraised

What do they do to a baseball before a game?

Typically, assigned personnel will 'treat' all of the baseballs intended for use in the game with a 'mud' (dirt) to reduce the slickness associated with new baseballs. The mud assists players with their grip of the baseball and should help in the reduction of throwing errors.

Are Mickey Mantle baseballs signed in green ink worth more money?

No. The bulk of the value of the signature will be determined on condition, how well the baseball displays the signature, and how well the ink (color) stands out in contrast to the white baseball. The signature should be strong, and bold, as opposed to faded and hard to see. In the case of a baseball Blue ballpoint pen would be most preferred by collectors over sharpie which tends bleed on a baseball, and has proven to hold up better over time than other inks. The color ink would be a collectors preference on display, but there would be less collectors that would desire the green ink over the blue, and less demans, means less value. That is not to say that you cannot get full market value for the signature if it displays well. If the signature is not properly authenticated the baseball could sell at half the market value or less. For more information on signed baseballs read my newsletter (link below) "How much Is My Autographed Baseball?

What is the value on an autographed hockey stick by Jim Dowd?

Jim Dowd should pay you $8.00 for owning it.

Were should you get Drew Barrymore Signed Autograph?

You can find it on WWW.EVERYMEMORABILIA.COM , there you can find Drew Barrymore Autographed Memorabilia