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they can but it has to be very closely supervised by an parent of a personal trainer make sure he is drinking plenty of water and doing his cycle of 8 weeks on and 8 weeks off

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Q: Should a 14-year-old take creatine supplements?
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Can you take Creatine supplements while taking Abilify?

no do not take Creatine supplements while taking Abilify

What supplements should you not take while taking synthroid?

Can you take creatine while taking synthroid medication

What are the essential muscle building supplements?

You don't need to take much supplements. All you need are the basics which are Creatine before you work out. After your work out you should take protein or glutamine supplements to help restore your muscles.

What Are Creatine Supplements?

If you have recently gotten into working out and have looked for information about various supplements that are available, you have probably heard of creatine supplements. However, you might be unsure of whether or not you can benefit from taking these popular supplements. If you are thinking about taking creatine supplements, you should think about a few things first to ensure that they are right for you.Creatine is NaturalIf you are concerned that creatine might be bad for your body, you should know that creatine is actually something that your body creates. Along with creating it itself, your body also gets creatine from foods that are rich in protein, such as fish. Therefore, creatine in and of itself is entirely safe.There Are Benefits to Taking CreatineWhile you are deciding whether or not creatine is something that you should take, you should consider the benefits to taking creatine supplements. For instance, creatine can actually create an energy reservoir in your body; this will allow you to work out harder and maintain your endurance. It can also help promote lean muscle mass, muscle work capacity and muscle strength, and it can help reduce muscle waste. This can lead to better workouts and the muscles that you have always wanted.Negative Things to Consider About CreatineAfter reading about creatine, you may have decided that creatine supplements are the perfect thing for you. However, you should realize that there are negative sides to creatine supplements, and some of them are pretty serious.The less serious side effects of taking creatine supplements include nausea, an upset stomach and cramping. More serious side effects can come from them, however, including kidney and gastrointestinal disorders, and men can even grow breasts from taking creatine supplements.To avoid these negative side effects, talk to a professional about your age, fitness level and other deciding factors about your life and lifestyle. Also, do not be afraid to get off of the creatine supplements if you notice any negative side effects that make you uncomfortable. However, you might find that creatine supplements are the perfect thing for you and your workout.

Does creatine expire What will happen if you take creatine that has been expried for more than one year WIll it damage your liver or cause any harm to your body Professional opinion appreciated.?

It's best not to take risks and discard expired supplements. Expired creatine is probably not dangerous, only less effective and/or less potent. There's no reason why creatine (expired or not) would damage your liver. Unless some bacteria have begun to form, the creatine would probably not be dangerous. Most supplements do carry an expiration date, and it's probably just good practice to follow these dates. To be on the safe side, you should discard expired creatine or any other supplements. At the same time, don't fret if you did consume some of the expired creatine.

Do Creatine supplements give you an energy boost?

Yes. The supplements have a combined type of medicine that both increases your strength as well as your energy. But be sure not to take the supplements in heavy doses.

Should bodybuilders take vitamin d supplements or should they abstain from all supplements?

No bodybuilders should not take vitamin d supplements. They should not abstain from all supplements either. They should take protein supplements in order to maximize their body's potential.

Can you take protein supplements with creatine supplements?

Yes it's safe to take both creatine and protein together, but if I could recommend a great stack you should try Protein, creatine and Glutamine all together and you will see some great results with your workouts. On my website we have many body builders and health and wellness people that take this stack all the time.Have you tried adding more carbs to your diet? if your are low on carbs that will also prevent your muscle bulding.

Can you take universal animal cuts with creatine?

Mixing dietary supplements should always be done under the supervision of a medical professional or a nutritionist. Mixing universal animal cuts while taking creatine can dehydrate a body and deplete important nutrients.

When should you take creatine during basketball season?

you should never take it

What supplements should one take when detoxing from alcohol?

what supplements should one take when detoxing from alcohol?

How much creatine should a 14 year old take daily?

Creatine is not recommended for adolescents.

Who should not take carnitine supplements?

Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should not take carnitine supplements.

What are the best workout supplements that I can take?

The best supplements you can take is a high protein shake, mutli vitamin(including Omega 3's), a before and after workout energy drink/snack/shake, as well as Creatine and a thermogenic.

Can you take creatine with citalopram?

yes, you can. citalopram, which i also take, is an ssri. it has to do with seratonin levels in the brain. creatine, on the other hand, is a bodybuilding supplement. creatine helps increase the amount of adenosine triphosphate (atp) in the muscle cells to prolong fatigue while working out. i work out regularly and have taken a broad array of supplements, including creatine, and this would be perfectly safe.

Can you take creatine with Strattera?

can i take creatine with strattera

Is it bad to take caffeine with creatine?

Yes it is bad to take caffeine with creatine. Both caffeine and creatine dehydrate you so you will get really dehydrated. Even when on creatine alone you should drink a lot of water because creatine needs a lot of water to work and you will get dehydrated if you don't drink water when on it. Also caffeine will reduce the effectiveness of creatine.

What is the best supplement for you to take for increased muscle growth?

Creatine is the best muscle growth supplement, other good supplements are glutamine and arginine.

Which pills are the best bodybuilder supplements?

Creatine is the best bodybuilder supplement. It helps you by replenishing a compound in your body that helps keep your muscles contracting. If you decide to take Creatine, you will also need to keep up with your weight lifting.

What amount of creatine should you take for just maintenance?

There is no such thing as maintenance with creatine. If you are not working out, you should stop taking creatine. Even if you are following a maintenance program for your workout (lifting with less intensity or lifting fewer times), you should stop creatine consumption.

Does creatine have calories?

If you would like to build muscle, just increase strength or improving performance, then you have to do hard work as well as need to take a supplement called creatine.Creatine formulas compared

Who should not take potassium supplements?

Those who are taking potassium-sparing diuretics, such as spironolactone, triamterene, or amiloride should not take potassium supplements.

When should you take creatine?

Any one looking to gain lean muscle tissue can take creatine. It will help gain lean muscle and increase strength.

Should you take a water pill with creatine?

It is not safe to a water pill with creatine. Certain drugs like acetaminophen and diabetes medication can also cause dangerous interactions with creatine.

How long does it take for the sperm production to return to normal after stopping taking creatine?

Sperm production should not be affected by creatine supplementation.

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