Should Tim Tebow marry Jessa Duggar?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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YES!! I think they would make an awesome couple!

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Q: Should Tim Tebow marry Jessa Duggar?
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Who did Jessa Duggar marry?

Jessa Duggar is married to Benjamin "Ben" Seewald.

Who did Josh Duggar marry?

Josh Duggar married to Anna Keller in September 26, 2008

Did one of the duggars marry each other?

No. Only one of the Duggar children are married and he married a girl from Florida. The Duggar's are in Arkansas.

Do any of the other Duggar kids plan to marry soon?

The oldest son, Josh Duggar, married and has two children with his wife Anna. The family has not announced if any of the other kids are courting or intending to marry as of Fall 2011. The older girls are all working on college degrees, and preparing for future employment. When asked about boys the Duggar girls said "Go talk to our father." Good luck young gentlemen, if you have intention on the Duggar ladies, you need to go through Jim Bob first!

Why did Josh Duggar marry Anna Keller?

I believe it was a soul connection, and Josh said Anna was just like his mother. I can't disagree, because she looks like a Duggar. josh prayed about who the Lord would have him marry and after much prayer and talks with his parents he felt the Lord had brought Anna to him. they did not kiss or date alone until the marriage. they are both strong Christians and great examples of young Christians!

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Which duggar is getting married next?

As far as we know, none of the other Duggar siblings are courting or engaged. I doubt it would be on the show if one was courting, since they would probably prefer it if the relationship wasn't made public until engagement. Probably one of the three older ones, John-David, Jana or Jill will marry next.

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