Should Olympics have a permanent home?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Yes! I know that everyone thinks that it is something that brings the world together and so the venue should change every four years in order to bring the world to a different place but is this really the right answer? Right now we are facing such harsh economical times yet we are spending billions on new swimming pools, velodromes and stadiums in order to show off the next Olympics. For example, the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. It is a severely poor country, needing economic aid to help combat their issue of poverty. YET, they are spending billions on doing up their sporting areas for the next olympic games. We need to focus on the economical side of this.

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Q: Should Olympics have a permanent home?
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Can New Mexico be a great place for the 2012 olympic games?

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are in London, England. New Mexico would be a terrible place to hold the Olympics. The USA is flat broke, New Mexico is hot as heck during the summer, they don't have the facilities to hold the people that would want to see the Olympics live in person. The Summer Olympics should have a permanent home in Greece and the Winter Olympics should have a permanent home in Switzerland or Sweden. That would save a lot of people a lot of money having the Olympics in different places every 4 years.

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Why are the Olympics bad?

The government firstly underbudgeted the Olympics and it has cost much more than the original numbers first suggested it would. In consequence to this, the government has implemented the HST tax which will cause the prices on almost all daily essentials to rise dramatically. The government has also cut many jobs to be able to afford the Olympics, the most obvious being in health care. Cuts have already been made, and many more are expected to follow. As much as can be said about the Olympics being a great thing that unites a country, at what cost is it coming at? The uniting of Canada comes at the cost of British Columbia alone, one that is not affordable during this economic recession.

Does it have to be in the summer?

The Olympics should be in summer because they called it Summer Olympics