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Q: Shortest amount of time for 1 goal in NHL?
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Shortest nhl player?

The shortest player ever to be in the NHL would be Roy "shrimp" Worters at 5'3".

Which NHL Goalie played the least amount of time in a NHL Game?

kevin poulin he did not survive the warmup

Which current NHL player is the shortest?

brad marchant

Does a shootout goal equal a regular goal for a nhl player?


Who is the only NHL player in history to have scored his first goal his first time on the ice?

Mario Lemieux

How tall is the shortest player in the nhl?

Nathan Gerbe at 5'5 178lb

Who has the shortest stick in the NHL?

Fatty fanny from the new Orleans nobs

Does an NHL player get a goal if they score on a shoot out?


Did the nhl ever give 2points for a goal?


Who assisted Wayne Gretzky's first NHL goal?

His first NHL goal was actually a penalty Shot so no assit. His first goal in a game was assisted by Glen Anderson and Jarri Kurr

What player is credited for the only goal in an NHL game after the over time is done and the win happens in a shootout?

The player who scored

When did iginla score his first goal?

He scored his first goal in his second NHL game.