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Q: Short notes on famous basketball player?
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Short notes on Hazards of electricity?

Short notes of facebook?

Short notes on Facebook are an easy way to share things instead of using email. You can also tag different people in the short notes.

Short notes on MS-office?

There is no such add on called "Short Notes" on MS-Office. However, there is the add on called "E Z notes", which is used to produce short notes in which the MS office user can revert back to.

Who wrote the short story Notes From a Bottle?

James Stevenson is the author of the short story Notes from a Bottle.

Shorts notes of typewriter?

short notes are when you write short little coments to remind you of something or to help you

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What can 8 N in an O be short for?

8 Notes in an Octave 8 Notes in an Octave

What was the purpose of the post it notes?

to make short notes to keep reminders they arnt perminANT small and useful

What does a minus sign above notes mean on sheet music for the violin?

A "minus" sign above a note stands for morcado. Morcado is a mix between stacato notes (short) and legato (long) notes. It is not short or long, but inbetween.

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The person who takes the shorthand notes were Mr. Hoo.

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203 business invirment short notes

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youll never take short notes loser go to another website yea you wat r u lookin at byye asta manana

What is the musical term for playing notes in a short distinctly separate manner?

You might be thinking of the term "staccato", which, if I recall, means playing notes rapidly. These notes are sometimes called 'grace notes'.

Which are the money market instrument?

There are seven different money market instruments. Treasury Bills are short term notes given by the US government, Federal Agency Notes are agencies of federal government issue both short and long term obligations, Short Term Tax Exempts this is a short term notes given by state and municipal governments, Certificates of Deposit is certificates given by bank, Commercial Paper are short term promissory notes given by financial and nonfinancial companies, Banker Acceptances are instruments and Repurchase Agreements which are treasury securities.

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relatively short wavelengths compared to higher pitched notes

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