Sf 49er win and loss last 10 years?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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60-92 with two playoff appearences - 1-2.

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Q: Sf 49er win and loss last 10 years?
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When was the last 49er Super Bowl win?

Their last super bowl win was in 1995 with Steve Young as quarter back

What is the San Francisco 49er win loss record with Seattle Seahawks?

The Niners trail the Seahawks 10 tens to 12 entering 2010.

Oakland Raiders win loss record last ten years?

69-158 .436

How many time's did the 49er's win the Super Bowl?


What years did the cubs appear in the World Series?

1906-loss 1907-win 1908-win 1910-loss 1918-loss 1929-loss 1932-loss 1935-loss 1938-loss 1945-loss

What is the win loss record between the raiders and chargers for the past five years?

I'm not sure but the charges had won the last 13 of 14 until yesterday

What are the numbers on the forty niners helmets for?

I don't know, but a 49er means a celebration after a win. Maybe that is why they have a 49 on their helmets.

Best win loss record in MLB last 15 years?

Seattle Mariners 2001 116-46 (regular season) or 1998 Yankees 125-50 including playoffs.

What is the Chargers win loss record for the last 3 years?

Regular season records: 2008: 8-8 2007: 11-5 2006: 14-2 2005: 9-7 2004: 11-5 or 12-4 (not to sure)

What is the win-loss record of the Kentucky Wildcats vs Tennessee Volunteers?

50 years

What is a win to loss ratio?

A win loss ratio is to keep track of records for a season. Ex. 4:3 Ratio. the 4 is the win while the 3 is the loss airgo win loss ratio.

Did the Chicago Bears win a Super Bowl in the last 20 years?