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Q: Score of last Utah Jazz game against Chicago Bulls?
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What was the last score of the jazz game against the Chicago Bulls?

the score was 94 to 113 jazz

Is carlos boozer better in bulls or jazz?

Chicago Bulls.

What is the largest winning margin in the nba finals?

The Chicago Bulls in 1998 against the Utah Jazz by 42

How many rings does Utah jazz have?

0, but they have been to the finals 2 times against the Jodan- lead Chicago Bulls.

Which former Chicago Bulls starter went on to coach the Utah Jazz?

Jerry Sloan enjoyed a fairly successful career as a player with the Chicago Bulls. He then coached the Bulls before becoming the head coach of the Utah Jazz in 1987.

What is the worst loss in basketball?

1998 NBA finals- the Utah Jazz lost to the Chicago Bulls 54- 96 1998 NBA finals- the Utah Jazz lost to the Chicago Bulls 54- 96

Who did the Chicago Bulls beat in the 1996-97 NBA Championships?

Utah Jazz

What six teams did the Chicago Bulls beat?

Chicago Bulls beat five teams in the NBA Championship: Los Angeles Lakers (1991) Portland Trail Blazers (1992) Phoenix Suns (1993) Seattle SuperSonics (1996) Utah Jazz (1997 & 1998) Bulls won all series 4-2 except against the Lakers. Bulls won that series 4-1.

Who was in the NBA finals in 1997?

Utah Jazz vs Chicago Bulls Vote UKIP

What was the final score of game 3 of the 1998 NBA finals?

Bulls 96 Jazz 54.

What teams Michael Jordan played against in his six NBA finals?

1997-98 Chicago Bulls Utah Jazz 4-2 Michael Jordan, Chi. 1996-97 Chicago Bulls Utah Jazz 4-2 Michael Jordan, Chi. 1995-96 Chicago Bulls Seattle SuperSonics 4-2 Michael Jordan, Chi. 1992-93 Chicago Bulls Phoenix Suns 4-2 Michael Jordan, Chi. 1991-92 Chicago Bulls Portland Trail Blazers 4-2 Michael Jordan, Chi. 1990-91 Chicago Bulls Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 Michael Jordan, Chi.

What was the best record in the NBA in 1998?

The Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls were both 62-20.

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