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In the 1992 Wildcard playoff game, held on January 3, 1993, the Bills erased a 35-3 gap to win 41-38 in overtime. The Bills then hosted the Oilers in the 1993 season on October 11 and triumphed 35-7.

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The two teams have played each other 43 times entering 2012. They were division opponents 1960-69 and thus played a total of 20 times in that period.

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Q: Score Houston oilers vs Buffalo Bills in 1993?
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What was the NFL's largest come back?

1992 AFC Divisional Playoffs Houston Oilers @ Buffalo Bills. The Oilers led the Bills 35-3 in the third quarter but the momentum turned the other way as the Bills scored five consecutive touchdowns to take a 38-35 lead. The Oilers got a field goal to tie the score 38 all, but the Bills scored in overtime to win the game 41-38

What was the score of the 1994 Pittsburgh Steelers vs Houston Oilers game played in Houston?

On November 6, 1994, the Steelers defeated the Oilers 12-9 in overtime at the Houston Astrodome.

When was the last time the Houston Oilers beat the Washington Redskins?

October 30, 1988 in Houston by the score of 41-17.

What was the score when Dallas played the Buffalo Bills in 1993?

The Dallas Cowboys won 52-17 ove the Buffalo Bills

What was the score in 1994 Super Bowl?

Dallas Cowboys 30 ---Buffalo Bills 13

What was the final score for Super Bowl 27?

The final score was 52-17, Dalls Cowboys over the Buffalo Bills.

What was the highest score of the Cincinnati Bengals?

They defeated the Houston Oilers 61-17 on December 17, 1972, a combined 78 points.

What was the final score of the 1992 super bowl?

Dallas Cowboys 52 Buffalo Bills 17

What was the score in super bowl xxv?

Buffalo Bills 19-20 New York Giants

How many points did the Redskins score in the Super Bowl in 1992?

They scored 37 points to the Buffalo Bills 24.

What was score of first 2009 game for NE Patriots?

New England Patriots 25 Buffalo Bills 24

What was the score when the patriots played the bills in 2010?

38-30 Patriots at Foxboro, 38-7 Patriots at Buffalo.