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Western Athletic Conference.

San Jose State has been a member of the WAC since 1996.

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The Western Athletic Conference (WAC)

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Q: San Jose state is a member of which college football conference?
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What conference is Indiana state in?

Indiana State is a member of the Missouri Valley Football Conference.

Is Missouri state division 1 in college football?

The Bears play Division 1-AA football in the Missouri Valley Football Conference.

Can a college football team win a state championship or only high school?

Colleges can compete for conference championships not state

What conference is Indiana State football in?

Indiana State plays division 1-AA football in the Gateway Football Conference.

Is San Jose state university a college football team?

California State University of San Jose has a football team. Their mascot is the Spartans. They play in the Western Athletic Conference.

Boise state is a member of which conference?

Boise State is currently a member of the Western Athletic Conference in all sports except wrestling, in which they are a member of the Pac-10 Conference. In 2010, they will join the Mountain West Conference. They will remain a member of the Pac-10 in wrestling.

Middle Tennessee State is a member of what conference?

I do believe it is the sun belt conference.

What NCAA football conference is Fresno State in?

Fresno state is in the WAC

Colorado state is a member of what conference?

Montain west

What football conference is southern Mississippi state in?

The University of Southern Mississippi plays in Conference USA.

What is the big ten conference in college football?

The Big Ten Conferences consists of: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin.

What d 1 college sports men's programs have won conference championships in football basketball and baseball in the same year?

Kansas State University won the Big 12 conference champioship in football 2012, men's basketball 2012-2013, and baseball 2013.