San Diego Padres farm teams

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Single A: Lake Elsinore Storm Double A: Mobile Bay Bears Triple A: Portland Beavers

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Q: San Diego Padres farm teams
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What teams have 0 world series wins?

the San Diego Padres

What Major league teams never threw a no hitter?

san diego padres

What 3 teams have not had a player to hit for the cycle?

i believe its only 2 teams. the San Diego Padres, and the Pittsburgh Pirates!

What teams has Bruce Bochy managed?

San Diego Padres from 1995-2006 and San Francisco Giants from 2007-present.

When was San Diego Padres - PCL - created?

San Diego Padres - PCL - was created in 1936.

When did San Diego Padres - PCL - end?

San Diego Padres - PCL - ended in 1968.

What is Will Venable's number on the San Diego Padres?

Will Venable is number 25 on the San Diego Padres.

What teams has Shane Victorino played for?

San Diego Padres (2003)Philadelphia Phillies (2005-present)

What city is the San Diego padres?

San Diego, CA.

What is San Diego Padres?

The fathers at the old Spanish Missions in California. The 1st mission was in San Diego.

MLB California teams?

Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres and Oakland A's.

What was the San Diego Padres record in 2002?

In 2002, the San Diego Padres had a 66-96 record.