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what is the salary of meac Basketball

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Q: Salary of a meac basketball referee?
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Salary for referee in NCAA basketball championship?

10000000000000000000000000000000000 plus a 100 dolar tip

What are the Duties and responsibilities of a referee in basketball?

duties of referee in basketball

When was Bob Delaney - basketball referee - born?

Bob Delaney - basketball referee - was born on 1951-11-01.

What is the role of a referee in basketball?

The role of a basketball referee is to make sure the game of basketball runs smoothly and the right team wins the game. The referee also has the power to call off a game if conditions get too bad

Who is the American basketball referee in the Olympics?

womens referee- Felicia Grinter

Is there a referee in basketball?


What did the Referee in basketball do after every basket in basketball until 1937?

Jump ball

What is the beginning salary for playing basketball?

There is not a beginning salary for basketball players. The average salary for a person playing professional basketball is about $3,500,000 a year.

Does FIFA referee get salary from fifa?

Yes all referees get a regular salary.

What is the average Cfl referee salary?


Can a college basketball coach referee an opposite gender basketball game?


What is the dimension of a basketball backboard in intermediate basketball?

i am a referee and i think its about 1m by 1.5m

If the basketball hit the referee while in play?

the referee is considered "part of the court." if the ball hits him, it is still in play.

Average salary for NHL referee?

The average salary for a NHL referee is around $45,000-$70,000. The referees that have been around longer make more ranging from $110,000-$200,000.

Who are the officiating officials of basketball?

Basketball officials are called referees. In the NBA there are three referees assigned to each game. One referee is referred to as the Lead or Head Referee.

Who is person that controls a basketball game?

The Referee

What is the Average salary for basketball players in 2007?

What is the average salary for the nba basketball stars?

What are the qualities of a good officials or referee in basketball?

A good quality of a basketball referee is to read the play, if a player gets a small foul but does not fumble the ball a good referee will not call the foul. Another good quality a referee has to have is good communication skills, a referee should use his voice more than his wistle to keep the game flowing

Why is there an umpire in basketball?

I think you got baseball and basketball mixed up. Only baseball has umpires. In baskeball its a referee. Why there is a referee? Basketball needs a ref because he keeps the rules and watches out for fouls made from a player or team.

The salary of a college basketball coach?

Here is a salary survey of college basketball coaches from all levels.

What is the salary of a nba referee?

The average salary of an NBA referee is $33,020 per year as of 2013. Most referees are paid much higher than the average, depending on a variety of factors.

What do the referee umpire and crew chief do in basketball?

referee-is the referee umpire- the umpire crew chief- crew chief

What is a professional soccer referee's salary?

Too much

What is the average salary of an A league referee?

£5,000 a month

International Rugby Referee Salary?

55.000 a year