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Depending on the rate of speed, it is quite possible to do this.

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Q: Running on a round track can you pass someone who is walking can you pass them every other lap?
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Can you use running shoes for walking?

Yes, you can. The only reason they are called running shoes is because they are more comfortable to run in than other shoes.

Does running on a treadmill weekly tighten your thighs and butt?

It can, with proper diet and other types of exercise, such as power walking.

Should teenagers work out?

yes! every other day is the minimum. running or jogging even walking works perfectly fine. as long as your moving its good. it's better than just sitting around

Can a pinch runner bat for someone other than the one they are running for?


How often should endurance and mobility training (running) be conducted?

Every other oay

Can different animals communicate with each other?

Probably very basic forms like growling or walking away or running but mostlikely not

Why should I go to a running shop?

The Running shops provide a lot more professional help than a general athletics store. the athletic store is for every sport out there to buy their equipment. on the other hand, running shops specialize in running only so every item is for running only

What is the walking man?

I believe the walking man is the opposite of the jerk if you know what that is. You can look on YouTube and find a video on how to do the dance. By the way, do you know if the walking man and the running man are the same thing? Because one of my friends when I showed them they said it was the walking man, and like a month later I showed one of my other friends and she said it was called the running man. i really have no clue if you could help me with that please.

How do you make your Nintendogs sing?

You can't. It can only bark when you play the keyboard. The other soundtracks make it do stuff like running, walking, etc.

What is the best walking shoe for men?

Different types of shoes can be used for different activities such as walking,running,swimming, or doing other sport activities. There are also just style shoes that men can wear. Almost any shoe is good for walking comfortably.

A large leg muscle is the what string?

A hamstring is a large muscle in the leg. Hamstring muscles are essential for walking, running, and other activities performed daily.

How have science and technology changed transport?

The only transport possible without science is walking or running. All the other methods of transportation are a product of science.

If you ran a mile every other day and filled the other days with 20 minute walking periods how long will it be until you see results?

one week

Why did it take you exactly 42 minutes and 23 seconds to run 100 meters?

Because you were "running" at about 0.088 mph or 0.142 km/h. (In other words your weren't running at all. You were very slowly walking.)

How much time will take to lose 10 kg by running every day?

That would depend on what kind of running you do, on what, how, and how much you eat and drink, if you are used to running, how much you weigh and a lot of other things.

How does an individual with heel spurs walk?

walking on his or her toes or ball of the foot to avoid pressure on the heel spur. This can lead to other compensations during walking or running that in turn cause additional problems to the ankle, knee, hip, or back

What are legs use for?

Legs in humans and other animals are used for standing, walking, running etc. Legs on other objects such as tables and chairs are used to raise the seat or table top of the ground.

What is wrong if someone is elected for president for whole life?

Well then it wouldn't be fair to the other people running for president

Can you take Prozac every other day?

It is possible to take Prozac every other day. Sometimes, doctors will prescribe this to someone if they are trying to come off the medication.

You loves someone and the other person loves you but you both have someone else?

you dump the uglyier one and marry the other!!!!! works every time, trust me. have a nice life!!!!!

How do Brooks Glycerin women's running shoes compare to other brands of running shoes?

They have a unique shape that hugs your foot. They also have better cushioning in the toes area. They work excellent for any soreness that you get when u are walking or running. The shoes also have great heel support.

Why is the Mizuno women's Wave Rider running shoes better than others?

The mizuno womens wave rider is better than other shoes because it is specially made for competitive running. Not just for walking but for races and marathons.

Would running in rain keep human drier than walking?

Of Course, if you run you will get to a dry place faster. Other than that there is not actual evidence to support this theory.

What are some really good cardio exercises for weight loss other than running?

Some cardio exercises for weight loss are walking, aerobics, stepping, and cycling.

If I am walking then I must be running but if I am running I may be walking What am I?

You may be an entrant in a Marathon (26.2 mile) race. The entrants are called runners in the race, but, while many can and do run, some may have to walk for part (or all!) of it. Even so, they are still Marathon 'runners', which means official participants in the race.Quote: "More than 17,000 people run in the Los Angeles Marathon every year." ~'Marathons' eHow.comSo, even if you are just walking in the marathon, then you must be one of the runners, 'running' in that event. Similarly, and to put round the other way, even if you are running in that race, you may actually be walking, for at least some, if not all, of the full 26.2 miles. In fact, many people are happy to just walk the entire distance. This is acceptable and within the rules."Run the Marathon! Can't run? That's OK! You can walk!"