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Q: Rules in playing baseball
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Who created the rules for baseball?

Alexander Cartwright wrote the basic rules of baseball and the New York Knickerbocker Club set the rules for the playing field

Why did the colonists want the powers of government written down?

To have the rules written down means that when there is an disagreement the rules can be used to solve the problem. Imagine playing a baseball game without rules.

What are the rules in baseball in 1900s?

No rules

History and difference between baseball and softball?

history and difference of baseball and softball?-their equipment,-playing area,-terminologies,-skills in softball,-rules of the game softball and baseball?

What are the rules of role playing in Facebook?

You are NOT supposed to be role-playing in Facebook,as it is against their rules.

Is Baseball ump part of the field if hit by a batted ball?

Rules state that the umpires are part of the playing field.

How many rules are in Major League Baseball?

there are 45 rules for baseball in MLB

Where can you find information or video on baseball rules?

Go on line to and search for rules, or google baseball rules.

What were the first rules of baseball?

The original rules of baseball were developed by Alexander Cartwright in 1845. Click on the 'Original Rules of Baseball' link on this page to read all about them.

Who created the playing rules of baseball?

It's very difficult to say who actually created the playing rules. Abner Doubleday is usually credited with creating the basic rules of the game. As the game progressed, many rules have been changed or added by commissioners or requested by umpires or other officials. Even today rules still get changed or added (the instant replay for home runs). There is a high possibility that baseball was derived from a much older British game called Rounders.

Is baseball the same everywhere?

BaseBall is always the same no matter where BUT some people like to make there own rules when they are playing but not in real teams and sometimes when people are just playing for fun they make it so EVERYONE is included.

What are the rules to the game Izaya Orihara from Durarara is always playing?

There are no rules

When were the first baseball rules written?

1845. The first official baseball rules were written in 1845.

What are the differences between the rules of softball and the rules baseball?

There are none.

What are the rules of baseball?

don't cheat and that's all the rules

What are subtopics for baseball?

One subtopic for baseball can be rules.

What are the rules for playing in a match?

The rules will vary according to the sport being played.

What are the minor rules of baseball?

don't cheat and that's all the rules

How were the rules decided in baseball?

the Knickerbocker Club came up with the rules of it

What are the rules in playing polynomial damath?


How many rules are there in baseball?


How many rules in baseball?


How many baseball rules are there?


How have the rules for baseball ch anged?

many baseball rules have changed over the years. this includes new rules such as no steroids in baseball and rule changes (atone time it was 7 ball for a walk not 4)

What are the 5 major rules of baseball?

Unlike many other sports, baseball relies on all of its rules for its basic gameplay and structure. However, these can be grouped into 5 major rule categories:Equipment,Teams,Playing field,The fielding team's actions,The batting team/player's actions.