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Australian Rugby rules are the same as those world wide as they have to comply with IRB regulations. To find out more on Rugby Union rules visit the IRB website as there are just far to many to place here

If your talking about Australian Rules Football. This is a completely different sport (just the ball is the same shape)

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Q: Rugby union Australian rules
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Football - Australian Rules Rugby League Rugby Union?

Rugby league

Do Australians prefer Rugby League or Rugby Union?

Rugby league is by far dominant in Australia. Union is the fourth most popular code of football, after Rugby League, Australian Rules and Soccer.

What is the shape for a rugby ball?

Oval. A Gilbert football for Rugby Union, a Steeden Football for Rugby League and a Sherrin for Australian Rules Football (AFL).

Do Wallabies rugby team play union or league?

The Wallabies are the Australian Rugby Union team. The Australian Rugby League team is called the Kangaroos.

Why is football considered Australian?

Australian rules football (commonly locally called "footy" and which is vastly different from English football, rugby league, rugby union, or American football) is considered Australian because it was invented and developed in Melbourne, Australia.

What is the slang name for the Australian wallaby's rugby union sport?

what is the slang name for the Australian wallabys rugby union sport

What is the nickname of the south Australian rugby union team?

The South Australian Rugby Union team have the nickname the "Black Falcons"

Which team is better Australian nrl or nzl rugby union team?

The New Zealand Rugby Union team is better than the Australian team.

What is the name of Australia's rugby union teams name?

The Australian rugby union team is called The Wallabies

What is the address to the Australian rugby union?

The official postal address for the Australian Rugby Union is: PO BOX 115, St. Leonard's NSW 1590, Australia. You can also contact them through the official Australian Rugby Union website, or by phone with the number 1-300-730-870.

What is the shape of a rugby ball?

A rugby (league or union) ball is a prolate spheroid. The same shape is also used in Australian Rules Football, and in both American and Canadian football.

Was football invented through rugby?

Football (soccer) and rugby were until the very late 1800's the same game. When the Football league was created rugby lovers took their game and created the Rugby union. American football is derived from Rugby ,Australian rules football

What is the name of the Australian Rugby union team?

The Wallabies

What is Australia national rugby union team name?

The Offcial Name is the Australian National Rugby Union Team, their nickname is the Wallabies.

When did Australian's start playing rugby?

1864 - The first Australian rugby football club was established at Sydney University. 1874 - The Southern Rugby Union - later changed to New South Wales Rugby Union - is formed at a meeting at the Oxford Hotel in Sydney.

Nationality of Australian rugby union coach?

The current Australian national rugby coach (2008 Tri-nations) is Robbie Deans, a New Zealander.

Who is the kicker for the Australian Rugby Union team?

Ridwan Osman

What animal represents the Australian rugby union team?


How many sports are played in australia?

Throughout the country a wide variety of sports are played. According to official government statistics, in 2005-06, the most popular sports in terms of crowd attendance were Australian rules football, horse racing, rugby league, motorsport, cricket, rugby union and soccer (association football) in descending order.Research by a marketing company found that those attracting the "most interest" among adults in capital cities during 2006-07 were cricket, swimming, tennis, Australian rules football, soccer, rugby league, rugby union and motor sport.

Which Australian sport is the most populist?

Soccer, swimming, cricket, tennis, rugby league and rugby union.

List of Australian sports?

Sports Played in Australia: Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Soccer, Rowing, Sailing, Cycling, Martial Arts, Bowls, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Spear Fishing, Australian Rules Football, Athletics, Baseball, Horse Racing, Motorsport, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Softball, Tennis, Touch Football

What sports descended from rugby?

Rugby Union was the predecessor of the League code Rugby union prompted American Football whose creator was Walter Camp, Australian Rules football is reported to be linked to BOTH Gaelic Football and crossed with Rugby. All these have a history that appears to commence After 1825 when rugby first started with the exception of Gaelic Football which used a round ball and appears around the same time as rugby - there is little to connect them.

What Rugby Union Player was known as Campo?

Australian David Campese

How many players on an Australian rugby league football team?

13 ... there are 13 players in rugby league and 15 players on a rugby union team

When was the rugby football union founded?

The rules were written formally in 1845 with the now known Rugby Football Union (RFU) being created in 1871.