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Before a set begins, the players are put in a certain order based on their position on the court. Though they can move anywhere once the ball is served, the players must be in this order beforehand. If the referee or scorekeeper notices that the players have gone out of rotation, an automatic time out is called on the team, and the players must be put back in the proper order.

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Q: Rotational fault committed in volleyball
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How do you do a rotational order in volleyball?

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If players were step on the centre line's of a volleyball games is it fault?


What is a volleyball foot fault?

When the person who is serving steps over or on the service line.

Is a penalty point assessed for throwing the ball over the volleyball net after a fault?


What is the definition of a volleyball foot fault?

While serving, if the player's foot breaks the line, it is considered a foot fault, and the opposing team is awarded a point.

Can a server step on black line in volleyball?

No, that would be a foot-fault.

What is a foot vault?

A foot fault is when in volleyball you serve and you pass the line or put your foot under the net.

Name of a volleyball person that committed a crime?

Courtney Vogel UGLY!

Volleyball When you step on he line during the serve it's called a?

It is called a foot fault. You can also have a foot fault if you step over the center line onto the opponent's court.

What is an example of a fault in volleyball?

A foot fault. It's basically when a player is serving and they step over the end line causing a side out (automatic point and lose of serve) for the other team.

Where college can you go to off a volleyball scholarship?

If you are really committed and good at volleyball you can get scholarships to big volleyball schools like UCLA or USC. If you are not as committed but still really good you can play at a smaller volleyball school such as Notre Dame or Cal state. Just remember if you want to get seen by a college you have to play club,people who look for good volleyball players always see clubs instead of high school players.

What is a fault is tennis?

A "fault" is committed when the server hits the net with the ball or when the ball is hit outside the service court.