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Yes Ronaldo Lima played as a striker for both Brazil and real Madrid. But Christiano Ronaldo played for Real Madrid and Portugal.

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Q: Ronaldo plays as a forward striker for both Brazil and Real Madrid?
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Which Brazilian striker played both for Real Madrid and Barcelona?

Luis Ronaldo

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's position?

He is a forward. He primarily plays on the left wing for Real Madrid, was primarily a right winger for Manchester United, and has been used as a central striker on occasions.

Who transfered from Real Madrid to milan to Corinthians?

The Brazilian striker Ronaldo Lima, played for Real Madrid, then A.C.Milan and now to Corinthians.

Who does Cristiano Ronaldo play for in pro soccer?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a forward for Real Madrid FC.

Who will win real Madrid vs Barcelona?

Real Madrid is the better side because they have a better forward. Barcelona has messi and david villa and Pedro as forward. Pedro is not a good footballer and so messi and villa has to work very hard while on Madrid the forward is ronaldo which is good, higuain, which is good, ozil, which is good.

How many goals has ronaldo scored for real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 86 goals in 79 games for Real Madrid. Ronaldo (Brazil) has scored 83 goals in 127 games for Real Madrid.

What Football team does Ronaldo of Brazil play for now?

Manchester Unitednot Manchester united, ronaldo of Brazil never has never played for man utd, ronaldo of Portugal has but he is now at real Madrid,ronaldo of Brazil now plays for corinthians in Brazil

What is the team of ronaldo?

Ronaldo Fenomeno from Brazil played for Corinthians in Brazil but sadly he retired at 2011. If you meant Christiano Ronaldo from Portugal he currently plays for Real Madrid in Spain.

What is the profession of Ronaldo Cistiano?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional footballer. He is most famous for playing for Manchester United and Real Madrid. He can play as a striker and a midfielder.

Is ronaldo of Brazil a champions league winner?

Yes he won it with Real madrid.

Who is chistiano ronaldo?

one of the best players, he plays with real Madrid and Brazil!!!!

Who won five consecutive European cups with Barcelona and real Madrid?

Ronaldo from brazil