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He has scored 72 goals from free kicks.

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Q: Ronaldo freekicks how many?
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How many freekicks has Ronaldo scored in his entire career?

112 out of his 255 goals are freekicks (in 396 apperances)

Who is better ronaldo or benzema?

They both are speedy and good finishers but Ronaldo has skill and is better at freekicks so RONALDO

Is ronaldo good at free kicks on fifa 09?

Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are the best on the game at freekicks.

How does Cristiano Ronaldo take his freekicks?

The Second best next of david beckham

How many free kicks did Cristiano Ronaldo scored this season?

5 freekicks 5 penalties 32 open-play

How many goals has christano ronaldo scored from freekicks this season?

The season is still well alive. Ronaldo has scored one freekick in the Champions league, but none in La Liga

How many of Cristiano Ronaldos 92 goals have been freekicks?

72 out of the 92 goals were freekicks!

Who is better at freekicks Roberto Carlos or Cristiano Ronaldo?

of course Roberto Carlos. His Left foot is devastating especially in long range.

Do Manchester United play fair?

Not at all they the Manchester United are always favoured by referees and get penaltys and freekicks , soVhristiano Ronaldo can score them.

How many goals did ibrahimovic scored for freekicks?


How many free kicks has Cristiano ronaldo scored this season in the premiere league this season?

5 freekicks vs Sporting Lisbon vs Newcastle vs Sunderland vs Portsmouth vs Bolton

What skills does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

Cristiano Ronaldo doesnt just have good pace but is an expert in taking freekicks and heading balls into goal. At the same time, he can shoot and dribble with both foot comfortably but preferbly his right foot

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