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he kicks it and it goes in...sometimes

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โˆ™ 2009-06-02 16:55:36
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Q: Ronaldo freekick technique
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Ronaldo freekick technique valve?

He hits the airhol and trys not to make the ball spin as much as possibel

How does ronaldo freekick?

Which Ronaldo? Cristiano Ronaldo? Ronaldinho? The other Brazilian ronaldo? I'll assume you mean Cristiano. He kicks it with the top of his foot. With the laces. His technique is unique because he pulls his kicks in a "swiping" motion making spectacular curls. Like the one against Portsmouth. Go on YouTube and look for "Cristiano Ronaldo freekick vs Portsmouth"

Why does ronaldo stretch his leg while taking a freekick?

He does it to loosen his muscles.

How many goals has christano ronaldo scored from freekicks this season?

The season is still well alive. Ronaldo has scored one freekick in the Champions league, but none in La Liga

Messi is better than Ronaldo?

Messi is by far the best in the world compared to ronaldo

Who is more famous Cristiano Ronaldo or Daffy Duck?

ronaldo pick ronaldo

Is ronaldo Brazilian?

Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima a.k.a fat Ronaldo is Brazillian. Cristiano Ronaldo is Portugese.

Who is faster messi or ronaldo?

Ronaldo is way faster then messi he as allways been!!!

How fit is Ronaldo?

It depends on which Ronaldo you're referring to. The answer may be yes or no, depending on who Ronaldo is.

What do Manchester United fans sing to Cristiano Ronaldo?

viva ronaldo, viva ronaldo, running down the wing and united sing viva ronaldo

Who is Ronaldo's current girlfriend?


Where does christiano ronaldo live now?

where does ronaldo live

Was ronaldo bald?

No Ronaldo is not bald.

Who is hotter ronaldo or kaka?


Who is faster ribery or ronaldo?


Kaka is better or ronaldo?


Who is better ronaldo or ranildhnio?


Who is richer between ronaldo and lil Wayne?


Is Cristiano Ronaldo's real name Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro

Did ronaldo ever have a infleunce?

Which Ronaldo are you talking about, if it is Christiano Ronaldo , then it could very well be Eusibo.

What is the birth name of Ronaldo Lupo?

Ronaldo Lupo's birth name is Ronaldo Lupovich Lito.

Who is C. Ronaldo?

C. Ronaldo is better known as Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a Portuguese footballer who currently plays for Real Madrid. He is sometimes referred to as C. Ronaldo or Cronaldo to avoid confusion with the Brazilian footballer Ronaldo.

Whos better messi or ronaldo?

c ronaldo is a good player but messi is beter than ronaldo

Is ronaldo better than Cristiano Ronaldo?

yes he is the best forever Cristiano ronaldo cannot out pace him

What is ronaldo full name?

if its the dude from brasil its just ronaldo is is the man unt guy its Cristiano ronaldo