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A general manager of a sports team is responsible for the smooth operation of the business. He or she is responsible for the financial and staff related issues.

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Q: Role of general manager
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What are the functions of a hotel general manager?

1. The functions and the role of a hotel general manager.

Who was the youngest Cincinnati Reds manager?

His first role as a general manager was with the Cincinnati Reds at age 31 in 1992. When he took this position, he was the youngest general manager in the history of Major League Baseball. He continued with the Reds until being fired in 2003.

What will be the role and responsibilities of a commercial manager in a detergent company?

Pls. mention the general roles and responsibilities

What is the role of General Manager in a 5 star Hotel?

What are the managerial roles in hospitality and tourism industry

What is an ambient manager?

Ambient Trading Managers are responsible for all grocery trading activity within a large retail supermarket chain. As Ambient manager you report to the General Manager while all department managers report to you. This is a very challenging role within the retail industry, where strong leadership, buying and sales skills are key. This role is a vital step to the highest level General Manager role within a large supermarket chain. Salary expectations for an Ambient Manager vary but will usually range from UK£30,000 to UK£60,000 gross pa.

What are the differences between a general manager and a functional manager?

Difference between General manager and Functional manager?

What does the general manager of a car dealership do?

The General Manager is responsible for the entire dealership. each department in a dealership has a manager, service manager, parts manager, sales manager, but the general manager is captain of the ship,

What is the role of a nurse manager?

Role and function of the nurse manager

What kind of characteristics does a general manager have?

A general manager possess a number of characteristics in order to fulfil their role successfully. These include strong leadership and management skills, great organisational skills and time management and the ability to be able to manage people with respect.

Role of account manager?

The major role of account manager is to take the credit of something the "Project Manager" acheived! :)

What are the role of relationship manager in organisation?

what is role & responsibility of Relationship manager

Who is the Smackdown General Manager?

The General Manager Of SmackDown is Theodore Long

What are the functions and powers of the general manager?

What are the functions and powers of the General manager?

What is the singular possessive of general manager?

The possessive form of the singular noun 'general manager' is general manager's.Example: The general manager's office is on the second floor.

Role of theater manager in an academic institution?

the role of theatre manager in an educational theatre

What is the role of the advertising manager?

The role of an advertising manager is to oversee the company's advertising efforts

Who is the general manger on WWE?

On Smackdown, the general manager is Teddy Long. And the raw general manager is a secret.

What is the role of a admin manager?

Part of their role would be to spot grammatical errors like 'a Admin Manager' instead of 'an Admin Manager'

Is a general manager in the Major League Baseball the same as a head coach in the NBA?

No. A head coach in the NBA is the same as a manager in MLB. The general manager, in both MLB and the NBA, is the next level up from head coach/manager. The NBA general manager hires/fires the head coach and the MLB general manager hires/fires the manager.

Who is the general manager of ECW?

the General manager of ecw is Tiffany taryn terrell

When was Ned Barnholt a general manager at Hewlett Packard?

1980-1984, general manager, Microwave and Communications Group; 1984-1988, general manager, Electronic Instruments Group; 1988-1993; 1999, general manager, Test and Measurement Organization

What is the abbreviation for acting general manager?

Ag.General Manager

What is the role of operations manager in transformation process?

1. role of the operations manager in the transformation process.

Who is the general manager for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Danny Ferry is the general manager for Cleveland Cavaliers.

Is Michael Cole the raw general manager?

No, Michael Cole is not the General Manager of RAW.