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During the 1971 World Series, Roberto Clemente in 29 at bats, had a .414 batting average, 2 home runs, and 4 RBIs

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Q: Roberto Clemente's 1971 World Series statistics?
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Where can one check the historical statistics of the World Series MVP?

You are able to check the historical statistics of the world series MVP on many baseball sites. One of the most accurate of these sites is baseball reference.

What is Roberto Clemente's career World Series average?

Roberto Clemente's batting average was .362 in 14 World Series games. He had 21 hits in 58 at bats with 2 HRs and 7 RBIs. He played in two World Series, 1960 where his BA was .310 and 1971 where his BA was .414 and was named MVP.

Did the Pirates win more World Series with Roberto Clemente or without him?

The Pittsburgh Pirates, who have won five overall World Series, won world championships in 1960 and 1971 when Roberto Clemente was the team's star right fielder. Clemente had at least one hit in all seven games of the 1960 Series and all seven games of the 1971 Series.

What are the 1919 World Series statistics?

The Cincinnati Reds beat the Chicago White Sox in the 1919 World Series 5 games to 3.

Hall of fame player to hit in all of the World Series games he played in?

Roberto Clemente did it in the two seven-game World Series in which he appeared in 1960 and 1971.

Who will win the World Series 2007 based on statistics?

Boston Red Sox will win the 2007 World Series, based on this statistic: 4 wins

Did Roberto get mvp in the World Series?

Yes, for the 1971 World Series against the Baltimore Orioles. His batting average was .414 (12 hits in 29 at bats) with 2 HRs.

What years did Roberto Clemente play in the world series?

Roberto Clemente starred in the 1960 and 1971 World Series for the Pittsburgh Pirates, who won championships both years. The Puerto Rican native, who was named Most Valuable Player of the 1971 Series, had at least one hit in every game he ever played in the Fall Classic.

Was Roberto clemente the first Latin American to win a world series?

No ... the first Latin born player to win the World Series was pitcher Dolf Luque (born in Havana, Cuba) who was a member of the Cincinnati Reds that defeated the Chicago White Sox in the 1919 World Series.

Did Roberto clemente win any awards?

Well he won his team 2 World Series because of his throwing arm.

What record does former Pittsburgh pirate Roberto Clemente still hold?

Roberto Clemente does not hold any records but this is resume: exactly 3,000 hits, World series Champion 1960 and 1971, World series MVP 1971, 12 Gold Gloves, National League MVP 1966, First Latin player inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and Humanitarian,

Does a home run count towards a player's career statistics if it is hit during an All-Star game?

No. When someone talks about career statistics, they are talking about the regular season. Statistics are kept separately for playoffs/World Series games and All Star games.