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derrick suber

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Q: Rider university all time basketball scoring leaders?
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When was Rider University created?

Rider University was created in 1865.

What is the motto of Rider University?

Rider University's motto is 'In Omnia Paratus'.

Where is Rider University located?

Rider University is located in the state of New Jersey.

When was Rider University Athletics Hall of fame created?

Rider University Athletics Hall of fame was created in 1990.

Did the knights joust to the death?

Jousting wasn't intended to be lethal, although accidents did happen. The scoring system was by hits scored, or by unseating a rider.

Do you have to go to University to be a horseback rider?

well, the smart thing to do is go there and find out

What is the acceptance rate of Rider University?

Rider University is a great college that many would consider applying to. The acceptance rate of this particular college is 73% as of 2010. Compared to other schools, this rate isn't that bad.

What does the mascot look like for tarleton state university?

The mascot of Tarleton State University is the Texan Rider. Its' athletic teams are known as the Texans and TexAnns. The Texan Rider is a horse and rider. The mascot is chosen by the Athletic Department and wears black jeans and boots, white shirt and a black leather vest and chaps trimmed in purple.

What are Rider University's 25th-75th percentile SAT scores?

Rider University's 2014 25th-75th percentile SAT scores are 420-500 on the Critical Reading section, 400-520 on the Math section, and 420-510 on the Writing section.

What is the mascot for Texas Tech University?

Texas Tech has two mascots: The Masked Rider & Raider Red

Who is the mascot for Texas Tech?

Texas Tech University has two mascots: The Masked Rider & Raider Red

What college did Barbara Parks?

barbra parks attended rider college and finished her b.s. at the university of alabama

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