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Currently Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are top of the market.

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Q: Richest players in Europe
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What region in Europe is the richest?

Western Europe is the richest part of Europe, by both per capita and GDP.

What is the Europe's richest country?

Italy is the richest country

Who are the current richest football players in Africa?

kudakwashe tutisani is the richest

What is the richest country in the Europe?

The richest country in Europe is Germany by GDP, Liechtenstein by GDP per capita.

Is Italy the fourth richest country in Europe?

No, Ireland is currently the fourth richest country in Europe according to the GDP.

What are the richest cities in Europe?

The richest cities in Europe, by GDP, include:Paris, FranceLondon, United KingdomMoscow, RussiaCologne, Germany

Who is the richest in Europe?

Rothchilds family

Richest basketball players in the world?


Who's the richest royal family in Europe?

Liechtenstein is the richest royal family in Europe followed by Luxemborg and then the United Kingdom

Is Sicily the richest island in Europe?

No i believe Great Britain is the richest island in Europe. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean.

Richest African player?

who is the richest Africa Soccer Player that played in Europe

What is the second richest continent in the world?

North America is the second richest, after Europe.

Who are the richest darts players in the world?

Aspen Charles Barrera will be the richest dart player in the world!

Who is the richest African player in Europe?

The richest African footballer in England is Dider Drogba.

Who is the richest country in western Europe?


What was the richest nation in Europe in the 1500?


What is the richest country in Eastern Europe?


Richest soccer players?

pele,ronaldinho and ronaldo

Who are the richest soccer players?

Steven GerrardFernando Torres

Who are the highest paid and richest players in the world?


Who are the richest football players for 2008?

David Beckham

Was western Europe the richest and most powerful in the 1700s?

Western Europe has been the richest and most powerful region for most of time, and still is.

Is Azerbaijan a country in Europe?

Azerbaijan is situated in both Europe and Asia. It is the richest country in the Caucasus and one of the richest in the Former Soviet Union

Who is the chealsa richest player?

Chelsea richest players is John Terry, with a weekly salary of 150,000 pounds.

Which is the richest continent in the world?

Europe is richer.All the countries of Europe are richer.