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The referee can warn a player in two ways: a verbal warning, or a yellow card.

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Q: Referee warning to a Soccer player?
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A referee's warning to a player in soccer?

yellow card

In soccer a referee's warning to a player?

sometimes a card and sometimes they wll just speak to the player

What is a referee's warning to a player in soccer called?

It usually is called a penalty and is showed by a yellow flag.

What should a referee give when a soccer player handles the ball?

if it denies a goalscoring opputunity a red, if not yellow and final warning

What do you call the referee of soccer?


What is a buzzer flag?

In the game of soccer, a buzzer flag is a flag attached to a buzzer worn by the assistant referee, which causes a receiver to buzz, warning the referee of the flag's use.

What do you do if in soccer somebody gets agresive?

It depends on the type of aggression. If the player is putting other players at risk of injury then the referee should give the aggressive player a warning or a red card. Soccer is an aggressive game, if the player isn't breaking any rules then you should also be more aggressive.

What situation in soccer will make a referee in soccer to restart a game by a drop ball?

Usually an injury to player whereby the referee stops play but doesn't give a free kick.

What colour card would the referee give for fouls and misconduct in a game of soccer?

Yellow as a warning, red to be sent off.

Witch colour card in football does a referee use to give a warning to a player?


If a soccer player is kicked out of a game what card does the referee hold up?

A yellow card is a warning, two yellows make a red, a player is sent off when shown a red card. They can also get a straight red for a serious offence.

Can a 13 year old be a soccer referee?

A 13 year old may be a soccer referee.

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