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54 against Sri Lanka in 2000

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Q: Record for the lowest score in a One Day International cricket match by India?
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Who holds the record of 400 Catches in the International Cricket?

Rahul Dravid of India; 204 Catches in Test & 196 in ODI, holds the record of 400 Catches in the International Cricket.

What is the lowest score earned by India in a 1-day international cricket match?

54 against Sri Lanka.

Who was the Chairman of International Cricket Council from India?

The first chairman of International Cricket Council from India was Jagmohan Dalmiya.

What is the lowest ever score of Australia against India in Test Cricket?

The lowest ever score by Australia in Test Cricket against India is 83 at Melbourne in 1981.

Who scored 100 centuries in internatinal cricket?

Only Sachin Tendulkar (from India) scored 100 centuries in International Cricket (Test + ODI). He scored 51 centuries in Test Cricket and 49 centuries in ODIs. This is a world record.

Which team is holding the record of fewest runs in an inning in test cricket?

India holds the record for the fewest runs in an inning in test cricket.

Who spent maximum time in international cricket?

sachin tendulker from india.

Who had won the one day international cricket world cup 2011?


Who is India's 5th highest wicket taker in International cricket?

Javagal Shrinath

Who is the first international cricket player from orissa played for India?

Debashis Mohanty.

Which country hit most sixes in one day international cricket?


In which year did India become a member of the International Cricket Council ICC?