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The Cowboys are 8-5 against the Colts.

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Q: Record between indiananpolis colts and Dallas Cowboys?
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What is the all time record between the San Diego Chargers and the Dallas Cowboys?

The record for San Diego Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys is 3-6.

What will the Dallas Cowboys record for 2009 be?

The Dallas Cowboys posted a 6-and-10 record during the 2010 season.

What is the record between Dallas and Washington since 1996?

21-7 cowboys

What was the Dallas Cowboys' record in 2005?

The Dallas Cowboys posted a 9-and-7 record during the 2005 regular season.

What is the head-to-head record between the Dallas Cowboys an the San Diego Chargers?

The Cowboys lead the series six games to three.

How many games did the Dallas Cowboys lose in 2009?

The Dallas Cowboys record in 2009 was 11-5.

What were the 20 consecutive seasons won by the Dallas Cowboys?

The Cowboys had a winning regular season record for 20 seasons between 1966-1985.

What is the Dallas Cowboys record in blue jerseys?

The Dallas cowboys always seem to lose when they play in their blue jersies.

Who won the last meeting between the Cowboys and Oilers?

The final game played between the Houston Oilers and Dallas Cowboys occurred on September 11, 1994 and was won by Dallas, 20-17. In all, the Oilers and Cowboys matched up eight times, with Dallas holding a 5-3 record.

What was the Dallas Cowboys 2007 regular season record?

The Cowboys 2007 regular season record was 13-3.

Dallas Cowboys record for 1977?


The Dallas Cowboys record in 1993?