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if the ball bonces of something or someone.thats a rebound.

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Q: Rebound of soccer
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Who scored the most rebound soccer goals in a single match?

"In a 2002 FIFA World Cup qualifying match played by Australia against American Samoa, Archie Thompson scored a record thirteen rebound goals. This assisted his team in a stunning thirty-one to nothing victory."

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Say you threw a ball at someone and it bounced back, thats a rebound

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A rebound in netball is when a player is shooting and it bounces off the ring or the post.

Who getscredit for a rebound on a missed free throw?

The player that gets the rebound, offense or defense.

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temprature hot will do more rebound than warm

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What do you call the recovery of a basketball shot that bounces off a rim or backboard?

a rebound