Real Madrid vs Manchester United

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Real Madrid, I think will win. If Ronaldo, and Benzema can start putting the puzzle pieces together, that team will be a huge weapon offensively ! no f*** this all we need ricardo kaka!?.!

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Q: Real Madrid vs Manchester United
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Who is in the semifinals in champions league 2011?

Schalke, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Barcelona.Schedule as follows:Schalke Vs. Manchester United at 20:45 CET on April 26thReal Madrid Vs. Barcelona at 20:45 CET on April 27thBarcelona Vs. Real Madrid at 20:45 CET on May 3rdManchester United Vs. Schalke at 20:45 CET on May 4th

Manchester United vs Real Madrid 4-3 who were the goal keepers?

The goal keepers were:Manchester United: Fabien Alain BarthezReal Madrid: Iker Casillas Fernández

Who played in inter vs milan and real Madrid vs Barcelona and manchester city vc unied derbys?


Where can one watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona on tv?

The Real Madrid vs Barcelona soccer game is shown on the network ESPN, if you are in the United States. If you are in a different country, you can always watch it online.

What is the Most famous football match?

well river plate vs boca juniors is good and real madrid vs barcelona and you cant beat a manchester derby

What is the largest scores in real Madrid vs barcelona?

11-1 to real madrid

What score was everton vs real Madrid 2013?

Everton 1-2 Real Madrid.

Who were the Winners of champions league in 2000 and against who?

real Madrid vs valencia winner real Madrid

Where does America vs real Madrid channel play at?

Real Madrid can only play with a club, not with America.

When is real Madrid vs juventus going to play?

it could happend it would be great to see CR7 vs his ex culb Real Madrid !!

What is the best soccer game that is going to be this year?

The best games would be Barcelona vs. AC Milan, Real Madrid vs. Manchester United and Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich. They are Champions League draws for the last 16. Of course, there would be local game like El Clasico, Manchester derby, Milan derby, etc. that would be also worth a watch.

What was the score for manu vs arsenal?

Manchester united

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