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The Ravens first playoff appearance was in the 2000 season, which saw the Ravens go on to the Super Bowl XXXV win.

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Q: Ravens 1st year to the playoffs?
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How many times have the Baltimore Ravens gone to the playoffs?

The Baltimore Ravens have gone to the playoffs nine times.

Who is in the playoffs this year?

jets pats falcons stellers ravens chiefs eagles bears saints

Who will win the 2009 NFL playoffs?

Ravens and the cardinals Ravens vs. Panthers

When was the last time the Ravens went to playoffs?

== == As of the 2007 season, the Ravens last appearance in the playoffs was the 2006 season. They lost to the Indianapolis Colts in the divisional playoffs 15-6.

What are the release dates for NFL Follow Your Team Ravens - 2007 Playoffs Week 2 Ravens at Titans Game Highlights?

NFL Follow Your Team Ravens - 2007 Playoffs Week 2 Ravens at Titans Game Highlights was released on: USA: January 2009

Who did Indianapolis Colts play in playoffs 2010?

Ravens and Jets

How many times have the ravens been to the playoffs?

lots of tmes

How many times did ravens make playoffs?

5 times

How many times have the ravens played the New England Patriots in playoffs?

Three times - the Ravens have won twice.

Who is better Eagles or Ravens?

Eagles rock and the ravens suck because the ravens missed a thrity two yard feild goal in the playoffs losers

Will the ravens make the playoffs?

The Ravens are perennial playoff contenders, having appeared in the past 5 seasons (winning at least 1 game in each year) since 2008, and a total of 9 playoff appearances in their 17 year history.

First meeting in the playoffs with ravens and colts?

January 13, 2007 in the Division round: Colts 15, Ravens 6

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