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Bart Starr

Terry Bradshaw

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Q: Quarterbacks with two super bowl rings?
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How many quarterbacks have two super bowl rings?


How many black Qbs has super bowl rings?

Two black quarterbacks have won Super Bowl Rings as starters, Doug Williams and Russell Wilson.

How many quaterbacks have multiple Super Bowl rings?

Numerous quarterbacks have earned two Super Bowl rings, including a multitude of backup quarterbacks. For example, Cliff Stoudt of the Pittsburgh Steelers earned two Super Bowl rings before he actually played a down in an actual NFL game. Also, Jim McMahon, who was a key player in the Chicago Bears' victory in Super Bowl XX, also earned a ring as a backup to Green Bay's Brett Favre in Super Bowl XXXI.

How many black quarterbacks have Super Bowl rings?

If you mean starting quarterbacks, Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

Which NFL quarterbacks have the most Super Bowl rings as starters?

There are only two starting quarterbacks with 4 rings. Terry Bradshaw (IX, X, XIII & XIV) and Joe Montana (XVI, XIX, XXIII & XXIV).

Who was quarterback in 1984 Super Bowl?

The two quarterbacks in that Super Bowl were Dan Marino and Joe Montana

Who was the quarterbacks in the two Bengals Super Bowls?

Super Bowl XVI: Ken Anderson Super Bowl XXIII: Boomer Esiason

How many Super Bowl rings does Ben Roethlesburger have?

He has two rings,... one from super bowl 33, and this year! DW

How many quarterbacks have Super Bowl appearances for two teams?

Earl Morrell

Who are the quarterbacks that have won 3 Super Bowls?

As of Super Bowl XLVI, two quarterbacks have won three Super Bowls ... Tom Brady and Troy Aikman. Two quarterbacks have won four Super Bowls ... Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw.

Two quarterbacks that have Super Bowl rings to play each other in Super Bowl?

Roger Staubach of the Cowboys and Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers each had a ring when they met in Super Bowls X and XIII. Jim Plunkett of the Raiders and Joe Theismann of the Redskins each had a ring when they met in Super Bowl XVIII. And in Super Bowl XLIII, Kurt Warner of the Cardinals and Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers each have rings.

How many Super Bowl rings does the Broncos have?


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