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hit it harder

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โˆ™ 2007-06-23 02:11:50
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Q: Putts coming up short
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Never up never in?

Very true. 100% of putts left short don't go in.

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How do you consistently shoot under par?

You have to commit to every shot and think only in the present. Short Game Short Game Short Game. You need to be able to get up in down from anywhere and i mean anywhere inside 20 yards maybe even 50. Make all putts inside 6 feet, and one outside 15 feet every once and a while.

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Can you lie on ground to line up golf shot?

the answer is yes, i dont know if you watch alot of golf but camillo villegas's nickname is spiderman because that is how he lines up his putts

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you really can't stop yourself from coming up short on a shot unless your muscles are strong enough or they know excatly how far they are from the basket because you have shot this shot lots of times, or a similar shot.

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