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2008 Open Championship prize money is determined by a descending award. The Top amateur wins a Silver Medal and an invitation back, unless he turns Professional. The top prize includes a replica of the Claret Jug (Silver) and a cheque for $1,500,000, (that is USD). Second, or runner-up is awarded a Silver Plate and $620,000, (again USD). Finally, third place and ties wins a cheque for $580,000, (USD). I say ties because this years Open featured two at third, Greg Norman and Henrik Stenson. Greg Norman's performance is more than notable because he is 53 years old and has not played on the PGA tour in forever. He was actually using the Open to warm up for the Senior British Open next week! All prize money is awarded in British Pounds, I converted to USD.

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Q: Prize money breakdown of the british open tournament?
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