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Glenn Foley

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Q: Prior to Brett Favre who wore the number 4 jersey for the New York Jets?
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Who was the last player to wear the jersey number 4 prior to Brett Favre?

Dale Dawson

What number is on Jacoby Ellsbury's jersey?

46 Update: Jacoby Ellsbury changed his jersey number prior to the 2010 season from #46 to #2

Best Brett Favre card?

This is the modern-day great debate since the invention of the insert card versus the traditional rookie card. In the days prior to 1991, there were just one primary card for a player that was considered the "best" card. In the truest since of the word of "best" if discussing this in terms of rarity, then there are three cards to consider. First, the 1992 Stadium Club High Series card is the shortest printed Favre card, then the 1992 Topps High Series Gold card, then the 1991 Pro Set Spanish Football Rookie card. The 1991 Pro Set Spanish version of the Brett Favre rookie card is the rarest printing of the rookie card. Additional note is the 1991 Stadium Club Rookies Brett Favre card.

What did not appear on the NFL Jersey prior to 1960?


When did Brett and Sydney divorce?

Brett Harris and Sydney Fisher got divorced in 1998. Unfortunately, their marriage had been on the rocks for a couple of years prior to signing their divorce papers.

What was the name of the restaurant prior to Jaspers in Hillsborough New Jersey?

The Jolly Ox

What is the phone number of the Prior Lake Branch Library in Prior Lake?

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Name the first person to ever have their number and jersey retiered from hockey?

The first team to retire a number were the Toronto Maple Leafs, who retired Ace Bailey's #6 on February 14, 1934, prior to an All-Star game in his honor.

Where can one find a Brian Dawkins jersey?

A Brian Dawkins jersey can be found at any professional sports store. The Brian Dawkins jersey is a sought after jersey so it is suggested that an availability search get accomplished on line prior to shopping at the professional sports store.

Has there ever been a QB older than Brett Favre to start a playoff game?

No. When Favre starts the January 17, 2010 playoff game for the Minnesota Vikings against the Dallas Cowboys, he will become the oldest QB to start a playoff game. Prior to Favre, the oldest was Phil Simms of the New York Giants who was 39 years, 74 days old when he started in the Division round against the San Francisco 49ers on January 15, 1994. Simms is also the oldest QB to start and win a playoff game, winning the Wildcard round game against the Minnesota Vikings six days earlier on January 9, 1994.

Who wore the jersey number 33 for the New York Yankees before Nick Swisher?

Prior to Nick Swisher (2009-2012), pitcher Brian Bruney wore the #33 for the Yankees (2007-2008).

Who wore number 19 for the New England Patriots?

2008: Number not assigned 2007: CJ Jones, WR, practice squad 2006: Kelvin Kight, WR 2005: Number not assigned 2004: Rickey Bryant, WR, practice squad 2003: Damon Huard, QB 2002: Damon Huard, QB 2001: Damon Huard, QB Rosters with jersey jersey numbers are not available prior to 2001. (I am working on indexing all former players by their jersey numbers, but its gonna take awhile to complete. )

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