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You have to go all the way back to the 1984 World Series between the Detroit Tigers and the San Diego Padres. Tigers ace Jack Morris won two games, but the MVP was teammate Alan Trammell, who played shortstop for Detroit. Trammell batted .450 during the five-game series with two home runs and six RBI. He also scored five runs and stole a base.
In the 1992 World Series, Toronto pitcher Jimmy Key won two games, but one of his victories was in relief. The MVP of the Series was catcher Pat Borders, who batted .450 with a homer and two RBI against the Atlanta Braves.
It was the 2003 World Series when Brad Penny of the Florida Marlins started and won Games 1 and 5 against the New York Yankees. Another pitcher, Josh Beckett of the Marlins, was awarded the Series MVP.

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Q: Prior to 2009 when was the last time a starting pitcher won two World Series games and did not win the series MVP?
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