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Q: Price of 1979 Rookie Magic Johnson basketball card?
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Trio card with Magic Johnson Larry Bird and Dr J - rookie year Trying to get an idea of its value?

Many of the card are valued in price close to $300 each. The exact amount you can get will depend upon the condition of the card and how it is being displayed.

How much is randy johnson rookie card worth?

Pretty much nothing. There are so many of his rookie cards and so little demand for his card making the price only about $1.00 if that. He was a great player though.

What is the ISBN of Magic's Price?

The ISBN of Magic's Price is 0886774268.

When was Magic's Price created?

Magic's Price was created in 1992.

Who is the most famous basketball player in history?

Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, David Robinson, Isiah Thomas, Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Scottie Pippen, Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing, Kevin McHale, Dominique Wilkins, Kevin Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Robert Parish, Bernard King, Alex English, James Worthy, Joe Dumars, Sidney Moncrief, Adrian Dantley, Dennis Johnson, Chris Mullin, Shawn Kemp, Mark Price, Tom Chambers, Mark Aguirre, Lafayette Lever, just to name a few. I tried to rank them to the best of my ability, but I'm only thirteen so its not perfect.

Who is the rays rookie pitcher of 2010?

David Price. I guess he's still a rookie, right?

What is the value of Archie Clark 1968-69 card?

A 1969 Archie Clark Topps Basketball Card, which is his rookie card, is worth anywhere from $2 to $7.50. the final price depends on the condition of the card.

What is Ronnie Price's number on the Orlando Magic?

Ronnie Price is number 10 on the Orlando Magic.

When was Tony Price - basketball - born?

Tony Price - basketball - was born on 1957-01-05.

What is the value of a Wilt Chamberlain 1960 NBA Rookie of the year Basketball Heroes card?

Depends if your talking about the #8 or the #47 card. Both are rookies, the #47 card happens to be an in action rookie and both could fetch around the price of 4-800 in an auction, possibly more.

Who is David price?

rookie pitcher on the Tampa bay rays

What is the stock price for Johnson and Johnson?

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