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Algae is not cause by soapy swimsuits, or what you wash them in. It's caused by low levels of chlorine or non at all. If the chlorine is too low and the sun is shining that is a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. To prevent algae watch the levels of chlorine and shock regularly. Don't forget to put in algaecide as well, that helps prevent it too. Wash your swimsuits in whatever you like, but make sure that after they are freshly washed that you rinse them well before going in the pool. Bathing suits will most likely cause foam or sudsy looking water, not algae.

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One way to prevent the growth of algae is to use a swimming pool cover that does not allow algae to grow. There is a product called EnergyGuard that has been proven to stop algae growth, as well as saving time, money, water and energy usage. The pool cover is unique with its dark blue top surface and a black underside. This means that the cover absorbs the sun's heat while blocking the sunlight from entering the water, therefore stopping photosynthesis and algae growth. A UK test lasting two months established that a pool with an EnergyGuard cover remained clear of algae without chemical treatment. In a winter test from October 2008 to April 2009, a UK pool was covered with an EnergyGuard cover and a woven mesh debris cover. No winter pool chemicals were used. The water was clear of algae after the 6 month winter period.

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The first thing you need to do is kill any algae already present. If you don't want to use chlorine, use a non-chlorine shock called potassium monopersulfate . After the algae turns a greyish color, brush the walls of the pool. Let the dead algae settle to the bottom of the pool; then vacuum. The next day, thoroughly clean your filters. You may then add a maintenance dose of algaecide to the pool to help prevent future outbreaks. This is usually only necessary during the hot summer months.

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Balance your chemicals

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Q: Preventing the growth of algae in swimming pools?
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What makes swimming pools go green?

The growth of certain algae. for more information on the topic go to

What do you mean by green water in swimming pools?

Answer: Perhaps you have an algae problem.

Why is chlorine used in swimming pools?

Chlorine is used in swimming pools for a few reasons. The most common are: 1. Chlorine acts as a mild disinfectant, it makes swimming in the water a more sanitary activity. 2. Chlorine also inhibits the growth of algae. Without chlorine, most pools would be green within a few days.

Is chlorine used in pools?

Yes. Chlorine is used to prevent the growth of algae. Some pools use salt.

What are some good algae control solutions for a swimming pool?

There are a wide variety of solutions when it comes to controlling algae in swimming pools. The best and most widely used method for controlling algae is by using chlorine.

What are some uses for copper II sulphate?

Copper II sulfate is commonly used in agriculture as a fungicide and herbicide. It is also used in water treatment to control algae growth. In chemistry, it is used as a catalyst in various organic reactions.

How do you banish algae?

BioGuard makes a product called "Banish" that kills all types of algae in swimming pools. Pressure washing with bleach water will get rid of algae on surfaces. Removing dead leaves from ponds will prevent growth as it causes organic debris on which detrimental algae thrives. Filtering the pond will also help greatly.

What makes alga grow in salt water swimming pools?

Algae reproduce by means of spores. The oceans are always releasing these spore into the air, and any exposed water is going to have spores fall into it, which can then grow into algae, as long as there is sunlight and some mineral content to provide the algae with the necessary ingredients for growth.

Is algae destroyer acid or base?

Well, the type of chlorine used in swimming pools is a base. And when we are out of algae destroyer, we use bleach and/or baking soda which are both bases. So, I would conclude that algae destroyer is a base.

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